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Prioritize your chatbot to maximize your business

22 February 2019

Businesses across the globe are shifting the paradigm towards digital transformation. It’s a safe bet that the digital growth in every industry will multifold by 2025. Platforms such as Apps, Websites, Blogs, Social Media Pages and Online Portals have generated billions of dollars globally.

UX is not just a part of BFSI; it’s the whole of it !

25 January 2019

Each industry has its own identity, that’s how the term BFSI came into being. BFSI is the acronyms for Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance. There’s one thing that is common among each industry, which is the customer. Satisfying the customer is the foremost objective of any business. If the customers aren’t content with the offering, they might discontinue the service. Customers may diversify when it comes to evaluation. However, they are analogous when it comes to individual satisfaction.

Why having a search bar on your site, makes all the difference

19 November 2018

In order to build an ideal website, a number of factors are needed to be considered. From the design aspects, the ease of using the website to the navigation, equal importance must be placed on every aspect, but the one that usually gets overlooked is the need to add a search bar.

Why Chatbots will continue to be a buzzword

05 July 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the most talked about technology. The intricate network of algorithms that constitutes AI, has paved the way for smart chatbots and speakers.

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