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The Principle of Scarcity to Influence User Behavior

19 June 2018

Scarcity is the psychological bias that makes us place a higher value on things that are in short supply than those in plenty.

User Experience – A major component of your Digital Marketing Strategy

04 April 2018

India has seen an addition in the number of startups and is strengthening its position as one of the largest startup ecosystem in the world.

Snapchats UX faux pas A lesson in the basics of UX

08 March 2018

Snapchat made design alterations which changed the UX of the entire app. The move was made to streamline stories

Debunking the 5 most common UX myths

06 February 2018

UX is a buzzword that has made rounds in the design world, advocated and embraced by designers and developers everywhere.

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