Pro-Tips for making the best Content Strategy



Jay Anthony

23 June 2020 8 min read

Pro-Tips for making the best Content Strategy

Why is it that some writers can so beautifully leave behind their trail in the reader's mind but some find it extremely difficult to break the ice? Take yourself, for example, I am sure that there are very few content pieces which are close to your heart even if it has been a while since you read them, most often written by somebody else, while there is plenty of written material that you have read which you do not even remember.

Very often, there is a high chance that it is not the topic of the content that attracts you and leaves a mark, but it is also the way a piece of art is written, the depth of the content and the entire idea that the writer wants to convey through words put together very beautifully.

Now imagine,

How life would be without content?

Imagine having websites with no content and just visual images.

Imagine having ad campaigns and marketing promotions with absolutely no content and just visual effects in them.

Imagine having newspapers and magazines having just pictures and absolutely nothing written...

Scary isn’t it?

Just the thought of life without content has us awoke, imagining just visual effects and no written material on banners, screens, etc. has taken us back… Being a content writer and continuously churning out excellent content pieces is not easy. Now that we know the importance and complexities of being a good content writer, let’s understand how can we create great content for digital platforms that is not only worth reading but also has the audience coming back for more.

Gone are the days where publishing 800-1000 word articles with a very high density of appropriate keywords would boost the search rankings on Google. The audience now wants to read good and engaging content, not content that may be high in keyword density but poor in quality which is considered to be one of the prime factors of people dropping out and not returning, thus, negatively affecting brand loyalty.

With the evolving time and upcoming trends in content writing, the audience is also shifting their standards of reading and lifting the bar higher for content writers to constantly be on-the-go and create better content with each passing day. So it is of utmost importance to maintain a balance between the keywords required to boost the search engine ranking and good quality content to reach the audience’s heart.

Anything without content is like a vehicle without a certified driver, it could keep moving, but not in the right direction.

Content is a form of communicating with the audience through words put together nicely and always remember that communication is a two-way activity and not just a one-way lane. While you are the giver, as a content writer, you should also be a taker of the reader's feedback and expectations from your writing. Yes, this means that if you want your audience to read your content and understand the message you want to convey, you should first learn what your readers want to read, what is it that they expect and they want to read.

Once you identify the need and expectation of your target audience with respect to content, you are able to deliver exactly what they want increasing the chances of them liking the written material and coming back for more. It is noticed that if users like the content on websites, applications, social media platforms, etc. They tend to build a likability for the brand too, thus boosting the ROI and increasing the brand reach through word of mouth referrals, which is a big hit for businesses.

Bridging the gap between what the audience wants to hear and what the brand wants to speak

Bridging the gap between what the audience wants to hear and what the brand wants to speak

Bridging the gap between what the audience wants to hear and what the brand wants to speak often has content writers in a soup, but it is imperative that a good writer keeps both, the reader's interest and the brand objective aligned while generating content and make the most of it. Like, if the brand has always had a traditional approach to reach out to their audience but with the evolving time, the audience prefers to read young and fresh content, it is very important to make the business aware of what their target audience actually wants as we have always known that Customer is King!

Always conduct thorough research before you start writing

Always conduct thorough research before you start writing

These researches should be conducted to not only understand the user expectation but also to study the market, how competitors are churning their content, why is it that a certain style of writing creates a greater impact on the reader instead of other commonly used styles which have failed to make that positive and lasting impact.

Mostly, for this, you can approach research companies like Techved Consulting which is India’s leading digital transformation company. They conduct in-depth user testings, user researches, and market study analysis to give you a complete idea of what your audience prefers to read.

Having a system where you can manage, create and track your content is very helpful for writers to deliver their best

There are a number of content management systems in the market that helps you smoothen the entire process and eliminate the scope of error, repetitiveness, and plagiarism.

I would also like to highlight that writing on similar topics for a long time can kill your creativity skills and the content tends to sound very repetitive and boring. To avoid this you can try swapping your writing style.

Yes, use different tones, different voices like sometimes active and sometimes passive, also keep changing the style of writing to keep the creativity alive. You can sometimes also drift 360 degrees and write on completely opposite topics at regular intervals to keep brushing your writing skills and not get too monotonous.

Lastly, it is of utmost importance to also proofread your content before you give it out. We are human and we are prone to making mistakes, but what is worst is not identifying those mistakes and rectifying them. It is advisable to proofread your content at least twice before publishing it to reduce the scope of error. If possible also have somebody else read your content before finalizing it, they could also give some feedback and suggestions which you could apply to enhance the content if needed. Always keep a check on your grammar, punctuation, and spellings, there are plenty of tools in the market to help you with this.

In conclusion

I would like to say that as writers we do get frustrated and fed up, but, don’t panic or get demoralized because it is very normal in our field as sometimes we may write great content and get appreciated while there are times that we as writers have to face a lot of criticism. There could be times when you want to quit in the middle of a project because you think that you just cannot overcome the challenges and handle them, but, in this case, my advice to each one of us is that success never came from quitting, but yes failures do lead you towards success. Do not give up, take a break if you want, and then get back and do your best! Continuously brush your skills, attend seminars and workshops, and keep the creativity rolling. Face challenges, overcome them and face the unexpected to see yourself succeed in ways you may have never imagined.

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A well-designed website for users with disabilities is a site that is more accessible to use for all types of users.

A well-designed digital business can easily explain the process of online buying and selling for users with disabilities and can add more value to the business.

Therefore, add some mint into the users’ cup of tea and provide an accessible zest to your digital assets by making it more compliant.

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