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We’re humbled to be working with such a great variety of clients that range from early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Jitendra Chouksey Founder Director At SQUATS - Techved

Jitendra Chouksey

Founder, Director at S.Q.U.A.T.S

Jitendra Chouksey Testimonial - Techved

TECHVED played a very important role in helping us get to where we are today. It is not just about UX/UI, but they also added a lot of value to our business.

Jonathan Roper Director at Briarbard - Techved

Jonathan Roper

Director Briarbird, Melbourne

Working with TECHVED has been a real pleasure. They really understood my needs as a client and were fantastic in understanding the needs of our customers. I recommend them highly enough.

Jack Bellis Sr Information Architect At Elsevier - Techved

Jack Bellis

Sr. Information Architect, User-Centered Design, Elsevier

Just a note to say thank you for a job well done. Your findings are very helpful and substantiate several areas that we will be working on as we refine the design. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Shiva Pare E commerce Head - Techved

Mr. Shiva Pare

Head E-commerce

The team at TECHVED led by Neha came across as pro-active and digitally plugged. They were always open and would listen to our thoughts and later came up with ideas and concepts based on research. Their insight into UI and online consumer behavior is excellent. We owe the innovation on the product detail page to the TECHVED team

Personalized Chatbot For Top Insurance Company

Built a personalized next-gen AI Chatbot experience...

AI Chatbot | Content Strategy | Insurance
Empowered Multinational IT Company

Gained user insights to enhance their laptop ergonomics...

Customer Experience | Hardware & Software
Leading Insurance Company

Simplified the insurance process with minimal steps...

Digital Transformation | Web & Mobile | Insurance

Built a platform for surgeons to learn, practice and grow professionally...

Digital Transformation | Web & Mobile | Healthcare | Pharmaceutical
Angel Broking

Built a one-stop wealth management app that is user-friendly...

Digital Transformation | Web & Mobile | Finance
Kotak 811

Designed a complete digital solution for all banking needs...

Digital Transformation | Research-Led Engineering | Web & Mobile | Banking
Hike Messenger

Transformed the app for better user engagement...

Research-Led Engineering | Mobile | Instant Messaging
Voot Kids

Combined learning & entertainment in one app with parental tracking features...

Research-Led Engineering | UX Audit | Web & Mobile | Entertainment

Recommended digital strategies after a thorough user research...

UX Audit | Web App | Publisher
Nature’s Basket

Simplified user engagement based on user feedback and suggestions...

UX Recommendations | Usability Audit | Web & Mobile | E-commerce
India’s Trusted Insurance Company

Built a seamless customer experience for their digital platform...

Digital Transformation | Content Strategy | Customer Experience | CRM | Insurance
A Global Mobility Solutions Company

Increased customer satisfaction ratio after a thorough research...

Research-Led Engineering | Customer Experience | Mobile | Telecommunication
Multinational IT Company

Gained user insights to enhance their laptop ergonomics...

Research-Led Engineering | Customer Experience | Computer | Hardware & Software

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