User Experience Design

Bank account opening at your fingertips!

Kotak 811 is the new age banking app with the main focus on customer acquisition through a digital platform. Techved collaborated with Kotak to create a seamless experience and to provide an intuitive interface.


Assistive Experience

With a utilitarian and human-centered design and approach, Techved managed to break new grounds by providing a platform to open bank accounts using their online identity.


Digital First Approach

Digital first approach along with process complexities posed as a challenge which was solved skillfully for the culturally disparate audience by Techved.


Seamless Interface

We embodied a collaborative design approach, keeping RBI guidelines in mind, excorticating all the complexities of account opening process and provide a highly secure experience.


The Kotak 811 app turned out to be a one-stop app for all the banking needs especially customer acquisition. As a result, the app downloads skyrocketed.

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