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We hold expertise in all fields of ERP/CRM

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Every successful enterprise needs to streamline their goals and operations. Our innovative and unique solutions offer you the opportunity to enhance user experience and achieve excellence in no time.

erp crm mobile integration services erp crm mobile integration services
erp crm mobile integration services

Consulting Services

We provide robust, ethical, and innovative ERP/CRM solutions to meet your business requirements.

erp crm mobile integration services


We provide ERP/CRM solutions which easily gets integrated with all your digital assets and aligns business operations.

erp crm mobile integration services


We develop personalized ERP/CRM solutions to boost your business excellence and increase employee productivity.

erp crm mobile integration services


We offer migration service of ERP/CRM software to create a seamless user experience.

erp crm mobile integration services

Maintenance & Data Security

We undertake all technical maintenance such as software, server, and operations upgrades for a hassle-free experience.

erp crm mobile integration services


We offer dedicated ERP/CRM training with high-quality and customized training material.

erp crm mobile integration services

End-To-End Services

We provide end-to-end services for ERP/CRM for a remarkable and cohesive experience..

erp crm mobile integration services

Strengthen your organization with us

ERP/CRM mobile integration has become one of the mandates in every industry.

This service has the potential to improve productivity, boost the quality of service, get you a competitive advantage, and streamline your company goals.

Check out the various advantages of ERP/CRM Mobile Integration.

  • Automatic Synchronization
  • Functionality
  • Mobile Integration
  • Real-Time Access
erp crm mobile integration services
erp crm mobile integration services
erp crm mobile integration services
erp crm mobile integration services
erp crm mobile integration services

Automatic Synchronization

Any changes made in the mobile app are automatically updated and synchronized.

erp crm mobile integration services

Real-Time Access

Connect automatically and get the latest updates 24x7.

erp crm mobile integration services

Mobile Integration

Leverage the unique features of your smartphone through seamless mobile integration.

erp crm mobile integration services


Wide range of functionalities in our ERP/CRM solutions through integrated framework.

What’s Stats Say


of teams improved their productivity by using a mobile CRM.


per sales representative revenue increase possible by using CRM applications


of companies identified better functionality as their primary reason for implementing a remote ERP system


of companies are soon acquiring, upgrading or planning to update ERP systems


of teams improved their productivity by using a mobile CRM

Why TECHVED ERP/CRM Mobile Integration

erp crm mobile integration services

Enhanced Business Performance and Productivity

We help you create seamless workflow through all segments of business to speed up cycles and revenue generation.

erp crm mobile integration services

Enhanced Relationships and Streamlined Management

  • Get real-time access to database

  • Enhance customer service

  • Optimize operations

  • Boost brand growth

erp crm mobile integration services

Revamp Experience

  • Avail the benefits of a broad range of end-to-end capabilities, functionalities, and accessibility.

  • We have worked with all industries and understand the global trends, creating innovative and unique solutions.

  • We employ Design-led Engineering to provide state-of-the-art solutions to our clients.

erp crm mobile integration services

Scale of Operations

  • 14+ Years of experience with Fortune 500+ companies at global scale

  • 24x7 services

  • End-to-end solutions for remarkable experience.

Industries We Serve

  • Human Resources
  • Logisthics
  • Insurance
  • Banking / Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Management

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Can CRM be integrated with ERP?

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Yes, CRM can be integrated with ERP. By handling CRMs on front-end customer interaction and managing ERPs at the back-end,it is essential to integrate both systems. Once you have made an order, you have a precise view of customer information that includes purchase history, shipping and billing data as well as other information and tools for the financial chain management.

Mobile ERP is an enterprise resource planning framework accessible via mobile devices and tablets. Today companies use professional UX/UI design services to develop agile and engaging mobile ERP application.The user usually uses a regular browser or mobile applications to navigate the device over the internet.

With remote access to ERP mobile, business application, employees and field staff can capture and enter data from the warehouse to the customers' premises wherever they are. Mobile ERP solutions provide real-time access, up-to-date sales, inventory and financial information. Mobile device integration connects various applications and devices to ensure the smooth sharing of information and streamlined workflows.One of the most difficult applications to develop is ERP mobile App design, which demands end-to-end process management and enhancement. The ERP mobile application development also require dedicated technical teams for analysis & development.


In today's operating environments, CRM and ERP systems can work jointly in an enterprise in many different ways. Both solutions contribute to the seamless exchange of data between agencies, promoting improved communication and driving effectiveness. Many large ERP systems have some essential CRM capabilities. ERPs are normally designed to be complete so that they can provide more features than users actually use.

The CRM-functions of an ERP are typically limited and can not be simple for end-users. Some CRM add-ons or modules are available in addition to the elements incorporated into the ERP. Typically this platform is easier for the end-user and integrates easily with the corresponding ERP.


The integration of ERP and CRM is a way to plug and synchronize your ERP system with your CRM that brings a competitive advantage. The aim of ERP software and CRM integration is to ensure that both systems exchange automatic synchronization and reliable information, providing a single source of reality. Integrating ERP and CRM overlap functionalities, provide technical feasibility analysis and are available on cloud based systems.

When multiple departments enter data into multiple systems and tablets that are disconnected, data that is inaccurate and unreliable are likely to end. Integrated CRM and ERP removes this issue and helps in data integration and process implementation so that it does not take long to merge reports, balance and compile items.


ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning which generally allows its users to handle the information flow for back-office functions with data visualization. It interacts with procurement functions as well and can also be connected with different services.

Whereas, CRM is Customer Relationship Management. It is hosted on cloud servers that focus on sales, customer support and customer interactions, prospects and leads, as you might deduce. The production of ERP applications focuses on the overhead reduction and cost reduction. ERP reduces the amount of money expended on such processes by making business processes more productive. With greater sales volume, CRM is working to raise revenues.

Both CRM and ERP have data that are vital to the growth and success of the company. Cloud computing CRM and ERP systems point to the growth of the company.


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