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With our unique design process, we create experiences keeping the market trend user needs in mind.

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We Design Digital Assets For Our Clients

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Digital Asset Design - Techved
Strategic UI/UX research - Techved

UX/UI Research

We provide best in quality UX designs for our clients to always excel in business.

Product innovation and architecture - Techved

Information Architecture

With our expertise, we focus on creating a systematic Information Architecture for our clients.

Content strategy for UI/UX design - Techved

UX/UI Design Strategy

We have a strategic methodology and approach to create efficient designs and user experiences.

UI/UX prototyping - Techved


To understand the usability of the product, we create efficient prototypes.

Creative interaction design - Techved

Creative Direction

Our creative team is always brainstorming for new ideas and strategies.

Content strategy planning - Techved

Content Strategy

We have a well-structured content strategy to cater to user needs and client requirements.

Interaction Design in UX - Techved

Interaction Design

We create designs with flawless interactions for a seamless user experience.

User acceptance testing (UAT) - Techved

Design Specification Documents

We create design specification documents for development teams to refer to.

UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

We efficiently test the products for user acceptance.

Why Do You Need Web Design Services

One can construct experiences using the unique design approach while keeping in mind user wants and market trends. Having a well-constructed website design helps in generating leads and getting even better conversions. A well-designed website gives a first-hand better experience to the user visiting the first time. Web design is important because it impacts how the audience perceives the brand. An incredible design for your website can take you ahead of your competition.

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With our extensive knowledge in this field, we create user-centric designs to meet user needs and also ensure that our client requirements are met. We use a systematic approach to balance them both for great results.

  • User-centric Design
  • Partner & Agile Model
  • Design Specification Document
User-centric design - Techved
Partner and Agile Model - Techved
Design specification document - Techved
Solution design - Techved

User-centric Design

We work towards creating a user-centric design, while keeping the user experience in mind.

Agile model solution - Techved

Partner & Agile Model

We work in iterative and incremental model while focusing on the process adaptability and customer satisfaction.

Design specification document - Techved

Design Specification Document

Our design specification document helps developers make our designs pixel perfect without comprising with any bits of user experience.

Why Is It Important

UX and UI design is essential for the website and the brand's presence online. It is evident that website users have high expectations while looking for the best user experience. They constantly look for websites that are easy to use and visually appealing. As a business, a thoughtful UI/UX design will give you a unique identity and help you grow.

Why invest in Website/M-site

  • A virtual business card for your organization
  • Your own competitive edge
  • A comprehensive and permanent advertisement
  • Better communications
  • A site that is available all the time
  • Increased reliability

What Stats Say

In 2018,


of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones, in the previous year. up from 50.3%

It takes about

50 milliseconds

for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they’ll stay or leave.

There are over

1.5 billion

websites on the world wide web today.

Source: statista, internetlivestats, cxl

Top Responsive Web Design Company

Around 83% of online buyers prefer to buy from mobile-friendly sites. Therefore, you need responsive web design services to optimize your web presence on tablets & mobiles and maximize its advantage.

Have a look at what we offer in Responsive Web Design Services

  • Website Designing
  • Web Development
  • Grid-Based Website Design
  • Custom Web Design
  • Website Maintenance And Support

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Digitally Transformed Leading General Insurance

Made the entire insurance journey user-friendly and easy to use...

Digital Transformation | Web & Mobile | Insurance

Enhanced User Experience For Online Banking

Created a seamless and delightful user interface for better experience...

Digital Transformation | Web & Mobile| Finance

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What exactly is web design?

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Web design refers to the website design that is displayed on the internet.  It includes all components of design and functionality, from graphic design and interface to UX & technical aspects on the backend.

In our experience, it depends upon the website design and the number of pages. We will provide a schedule or a plan from beginning to delivery and then we will need your feedback to stay on track. If there will be any conflicts (for example, you are going on vacation), you can notify us as soon as possible so that we can adjust the schedule accordingly.

Responsive web design (RWD) is a complementary tool to web design that allows websites and pages to display on all screen sizes and devices by instantly adapting to the screen, whether it's a smart-phone, tablet, desktop, laptop, or even a smart TV!

Our comprehensive set of tools will make this possible. We customize all themes to reach out to your customers and engage them each time. The functionality will be streamlined and service-oriented, with an appealing design.

TECHVED’s professional designers and developer teams follow the procedure and incorporate to combine the front-end with a powerful back-end that works seamlessly across all devices. We create a website which generates more leads and revenue.

Based on the clients’ requirements, we use templates and customize them. However, we understand the clients’ requirements. Hence, we offer unique design and solution.

Absolutely Yes, this enables you to present your business more effectively and increases retention rates.According to the people who search on their smart phones for searching for anything

In today’s industry, with rapidly growing interfaces, UX design has become increasingly essential. User experience is important because it aims to fulfill user needs. A great UX design provides a positive experience, keeping users loyal to the product or brand. Also, an easy journey helps increase the conversion rate which in turn is profitable for the business.

We would be happy to guide you and help you. You can send us an e-mail at and our business team will contact you as soon as possible. You can also call us on +91-9967105359 for any queries.

We believe in high quality on time & we are the best UI design company known for our quick and fast deliveries. You can contact us for specifications as timelines depend on various factors like number of pages, complexity of the project, interaction requirements, approval cycle etc.

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