User Experience Design

Bringing All Eggs Under One Basket

Tata Capital is one of the most reputed and top NBFC providing financial solutions. It has numerous interface for different needs of its business customers. Techved's prime responsibility was to bring Tata Capital's ALL eggs under one basket, i.e. within a single website, with the ease of navigation and effortless functionality.


Intuitive Design Arrangement

With appealing visual language and maintaining same level of functionality, Techved managed an intuitive design arrangement addressing all functionalities under unified interface.


Addressing Stakeholders

With an ambitious experience strategy catering to users' needs and aspirations, Techved seamlessly brought all the stakeholders under one roof.


Utility System

Techved understood that people's interaction with respect to any financial service is complex and thus, succeeded in creating a seamless and easy to use utility portal.


The Tata Capital website turned out to be visually pleasing with streamlined technical functionality, thereby giving a smooth and delightful user experience.

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