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Extending Possibilities for Diverse Industries

  • Interaction with Customers
  • Boost Customer Retention
  • Product Experience in Real-Time

Extending Possibilities for Marketing

  • Maximize Engagement
  • Maximize Retention Rate
  • Add Excitement

Extending Possibilities for Entertainment

  • Real-time Gaming Experience
  • Next-Gen Cinematic
  • More Exposure for Creators

We craft end-to-end XR solutions to enhance your digital assets

We offer innovative AR, VR & MR solutions to enrich
your user experience for every brand and domain

We create great customer experiences for users We create great customer experiences for users
CX Strategy


We craft the ideal strategy that align seamlessly with your business goals.

Operational Excellence


We build human-centric compositions with UX-UI and Design-Led Engineering for best user experience.

Lean UX


We use next-gen spatial technology to build the perfect AR, VR & MR experience for your digital assets.

Product Interface

QA Testing

We conduct detailed QA tests post development to ensure high-quality and error-free product.

Behavioural Psychology

Product Integration

We seamlessly integrate the XR solution in your digital assets for easy access.

Behavioural Psychology

Human-Computer Interaction

We use HCI to understand & implement the perfect interaction within the digital space for a majestic user experience.

Behavioural Psychology

3D Modelling & Animation

We create hyper-realistic models and animation of each element for an immersive visual experience.

Design Thinking


We assist you in managing the product post-delivery to ensure a hassle-free experience.

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We are a team of experts with years of experience in AR, VR & MR development. We hold proficiency in every tool to create the perfect product for your brand.

Web XR

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Mobile XR

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Multinational IT Company

Gained user insights to enhance their laptop ergonomics...

Research-Led Engineering | Customer Experience | Computer | Hardware & Software

A Global Mobility Solutions Company

Increased customer satisfaction ratio after a thorough research...

Research-Led Engineering | Customer Experience | Mobile | Telecommunication

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Extended Reality is the future we've all been waiting for

No matter which industry or scale of organization you're a part of, our AR, VR & MR solutions will skyrocket your business like never before.

Here's why AR/VR is a must:

  • Immersive experience
  • Fill gaps between imagination and reality
  • Significantly boost engagement
  • Unforgettable user experience
  • Ever-lasting brand loyalty
  • Positive word of mouth referrals

Did you know?


increase in brand awareness with the use of XR for customer engagement

Mobile Visits

$198 Bn

growth expected in the AR, VR & MR industry by 2025

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users prefer brands with XR technology

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What is augmented reality development?

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Augmented reality (AR) is an experience in which designers employ computer-generated input to augment aspects of the user's physical world. In many circumstances, machine learning is required for AR to attain its full potential.

Because ML aids in the tracking of flat surfaces or faces in video streams, AR images and objects can be layered or projected onto them. We can also use machine learning to track face movement, distinguish between backdrops and people, and much more. Despite the fact that machine learning is required, most AR development tools and frameworks abstract it away, allowing ar app developers to focus just on projections and not tracking. There are many VR & AR App Development Company and top Augmented Reality Development Company in India. If you are also looking for Augmented Reality App Development Company, TECHVED is your go to place. TECHVED offers innovative augmented reality app development services and solutions that drive the organization into a digitally-advanced one with increased opportunities for the CEO,COO,CMO etc. We are certified AR Development Company that caters all augmented reality app development services & augmented reality development services. Our Augmented Reality Development Services are as follows:

  • AR Application Development
  • AR Application Design
  • AR Application Testing
  • Custom Projection-based AR Apps
  • Recognition-based AR Apps


AR employs computer vision, simultaneous localization, mapping, and depth tracking to show the user relevant material (sensor data calculating the distance to the objects). This enables cameras to gather, send, and process data in order to display digital material that is relevant to the user's current gaze.

This is just the software part of the AR app development functions, let's take a look at the hardware that AR experiences are running on. Smartphones and virtual reality headsets are the most common AR devices nowadays. While mobile is the more widely used and consumer-friendly choice, virtual reality headsets provide a truly immersive AR experience. TECHVED is the leading augmented reality app development company in India. We at TECHVED Consulting helps you with augmented reality development in various fields and areas. Our team of experienced AR developers enhance user experience to provide better augmented reality development services & solutions in all areas.
E-commerce & Retail AR App
We have the experience of working with various Retail and E-commerce businesses to revolutionize their shopping experience. We help you build retail and e-commerce AR apps that can take your sales to the next level and improve the in-store customer experience. Our e-commerce and retail augmented reality app development services include:

  • Product Category Visualization
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Trial Rooms
  • Intuitive Kiosks
  • AR-supported Window Shopping

Real Estate AR App
We have experience of working with Real Estate Agencies to take their business up a notch with our incredible AR apps. Training & Education
We help educational institutions develop e-learning AR applications that enhance student interaction and engagement in the classroom. Our education and training AR services include:

  • Virtual Guest Lectures
  • Library Management Systems
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Tutorials
  • Interactive Walk through


Digital information is superimposed on top of a camera-captured natural scene in augmented reality. It requires the following components to function:

A depth-sensing camera is required to record visual information that will be added to an existing object or location. The camera in question should be able to determine the subject's distance and angle from it.
Registration tools are devices, such as motion sensors and accelerometer, that allow a computer to define the space in which sensory data or objects should be superimposed or placed around an AR user.
The camera captures photos from the outside world for interpretation and referencing via a machine learning (ML) algorithm as you use it. As a leading augmented reality app development company in India, we offer a range of scalable and secure services that span across multiple industries in different geographies. TECHVED's Augmented Reality solutions includes:

  • AR Applications for iOS & Android
  • AR E-commerce Application Integration
  • AR Game Application Development
  • AR Application Maintenance & Support


At TECHVED we ens-ure to provide top augmented reality services that will help to increase ROI and customer loyalty for your business. TECHVED’s augmented reality solutions covers everything that is required for your app and provide results that completes all your needs. There are various augmented reality listed companies in India.

As a leading company, we keep all the points is mind while working for your business such as:
Innovative Solutions
AR and VR solutions are pure innovation. There are ar/vr development company all around. Leading augmented reality apps development company uses cutting-edge technology coupled with creativity to provide your end-users with an impactful and immersive experience. We develop top AR solutions that offer flawless performance and function seamlessly on a wide range of platforms. Our top AR applications are packed with dynamic features and help you stay ahead of the curve. The design and functionality of our apps will certainly help boost your ROI.
Customer-centric Apps We create apps with scalable back-end and appealing front-end features. This ensures that your application addresses every one of your users’ pain points and offers an interactive customer experience. Our team builds the best augmented reality app development services that help businesses improve their brand value as well as enhance user engagement. Our augmented reality developers also make sure your application helps build a stronger customer base and reinforce the existing relationship.
Cost-effective Solutions We understand that funds play a major role in every mobile app development process. To help you manage costs, we offer best-in-class augmented reality application development services at an affordable rate. Our competitive pricing is what makes us a trusted partner. We also endeavor to offer exceptional augmented reality services that help you achieve top-notch returns.

Technical Expertise
AR has been on every individual’s mind when they talk about technology. AR has revolutionized the gaming world. But, along with this, AR has also transformed various other industries and businesses. It has improved reach, visibility, and reformed several business processes as well. Our talented augmented reality developers possess the ability to thoroughly understand recent technologies and advancements. Having gained years of experience in the industry, we can help our clients transform their business ideas into top-notch products. Once you employ Brainvire’s augmented reality developers, you can rest assured that your entire AR mobile app development project is in safe hands!


TECHVED always believe in understanding the business requirement first to be able to cater the required results. There are many advantages of capitalizing our AR development solutions such as,

  • Better Marketing Edge
  • Improved User Engagement
  • Location-based Technology
  • Industrial Maintenance & Training

There are many augmented reality application development company, however TECHVED can benefit your business through our outstanding solutions. Our unique selling points includes:

  • Certified and Trusted AR Developers
  • Agile AR Mobile App Development Method
  • Quick & Easy Interaction Via Skype, Emails & Chat
  • Adherence to Best Industry Practices
  • Competent Engagement Models
  • Experienced Support & Maintenance Team

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