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Gained user insights to enhance their laptop ergonomics...

We provided in-depth insights about the user feedback and suggestions to enhance the ergonomics of their laptops.




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Customer Experience

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Problem Statement

To understand which version and prototype of the product did users prefer, and why, in terms of ergonomics.

Understanding user needs and feedback

  • 1. Understanding user preference as there were many prototypes which were very different from each other in terms of look and feel and ergonomics.
  • 2. Understanding how easy to carry, use and handle the physical product was directly from the users.
  • 3. To gather insights about why users preferred a particular version of the laptop over the other prototypes.

Field Study

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Field Study

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Field Study

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Insights into understanding user behaviour

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We helped understand the pain-points and expectations of users from different cultural backgrounds.

Study of the Indian Market

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Our in-depth report helped understand the likes and dislikes of the physical product.

Better Understanding

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We recommended solutions to make the laptops aesthetically appealing and usable for users.

Our Recommendations

Snippets of Our Report

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Our Redefining impact

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Our insightful report helped understand what the users wanted in terms of the physical usability of the the laptop. This helped them understand how they could modify the ergonomics and make it seamless to meet user expectations.
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Our findings helped understand the user perspective of how the product should be and how the laptops could be made better in terms of ergonomics to enhance the overall customer experience.
our work Higher sales turnover
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our work Better customer satisfaction
our work Better brand perception

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