Messaging Redefined: Insights from Hike Messenger's Journey

Analyzing the market trend and user needs helped Hike Messenger enhance their app for better user engagement.




Instant Messaging




User Testing



User Testing

our work
our work

Problem Statement

To understand user needs and enhance the app to make it more engaging for users.


To create a one-stop shop for the existing users ( South Indian, domestic, and NRI users ) increase the traffic on the application, enhance the overall.

200+ Users served
80% App issues solved

Understanding user needs and feedback

  • 1. To understand the content consumption behaviour and the pattern of usage.
  • 2. Analyzing the market trend and new advances for social products.
  • 3. To observe the type of content users send and receive on this platform.


our work

Observing Users

our work

Insights in content consumption behaviour of users

app one
app two
app three
solution icon

We identified the pain-points and provided effective solutions.

Identifying Areas of Improvement

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A thorough report of the engagement of users with this app was provided for better understanding.

Insight of Consumer Behaviour

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We provided a consolidated report of the steps they should take to further enhance the app for users.

Future Road Map

Snippets of Our Report

RGI mobile app one
RGI app two
mobile app
RGI mobile app five
RGI app six

Our Redefining impact

  • Simplified the entire user journey
  • Ehanced customer satifaction
  • increasing app traffic and app transactions multifold.
  • Highly engaging, significantly reducing the drop out rate.
our work Increase in adoption rate
our work Increase in app download
our work Increase in chats shared
our work Reduction in app uninstall ratio
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