Web App Transformation: Boosting User Experience & Results

We analyzed data gathered from the audit using various sources and heuristic parameters. This helped in understanding the business needs and providing solutions.




Mobile Ad Publisher


Web App


Usability Audit



Usability Audit

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Problem Statement

To make their web app seamless and to enable users to interact and use the campaign management system efficiently.

Understanding user data results and providing conversion and adoption solutions

  • 1. User could not navigate easily
  • 2. The dashboard was not intuitive to keep users engaged
  • 3. The look and feel needed to be more appealing
  • 4. Interactions were not user-friendly
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Recommendation to improve the user experience and the overall journey

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With our systematic methodology, we helped them understand the target audience and their interaction with the website.

Understanding User Behaviour


Suggestions to enhance the user experience were provided based on the audit insights.

Our Recommendations


Our report helped them understand the needs of their target audience to increase the user engagement on the portal.

High Engagement and Adoption

Snippets of Our Report


Our Redefining impact

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With our incredible experience in UX audits we helped them understand and get a complete study about the requirements of their target audience. This helped them work on the drawbacks to enhance their customer satisfaction ratio.
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With our report we helped them identify the pain points from the users perspective and build strategies to meet the user expectation. This also resulted in building new and efficient business models to benefit the organization on the whole.
our work Increase in adoption ratio
our work Reduced operational cost
our work Increase in user engagement
our work Increase in conversion rates

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