Chatbot Mastery: Personalizing Insurance Service

With our expertise and strategic approach, we created a simplified and unique chatbot content flow to enhance the customer service for this leading Insurance company.








Content Strategy



Content Strategy

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Problem Statement

To transform the lengthy and complex customer service content flow and reduce the average query handling time. Also, to personalize the voice and tone for the bot.


To create a one-stop shop for the existing users ( South Indian, domestic, and NRI users ) increase the traffic on the application, enhance the overall.

200+ Users served
80% App issues solved

Understanding business needs and user requirements

Creating the right content strategy demanded a lot of brainstorming and precision to ensure that the conversational flow was user-centric.

  • 1. We had to reduce the average query handling time keeping in mind that all the relevant information is provided.
  • 2. To strategize personalized content and maintain a genuine conversational flow.
  • 3. Understanding the geographical location, mindset and the background of the target audience to simplify the language for better understanding.
  • 4. Bringing the customer to the centre of our narrative and also maintaining the focus on the services.


our work


our work


our work

We pinned down required content strategy for the business and their users

UCV app one
UCV app two
UCV app three
UCV app four
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We strategically created layers of a customer service conversational flow to meet Insurance needs and requirements.

Building the Conversation Tree

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Based on the content capabilities and the organization objectives we defined the depth and structure of the flow of content.

Curated Content Distribution

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We ensured that valuable and relevant content was created for users to extract maximum benefit.

Created a Humanized Bot

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To reach out to maximum number of people we generated content in multiple languages.

Created Multi-lingual Content

Content is the ‘Voice of the Brand’and it leaves an imprint on the brand experience we create, at different stages of the customer journey.

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Our Redefining impact

We successfully created a personalized, simple and professional content flow

  • Simplified the entire user journey
  • Ehanced customer satifaction
  • increasing app traffic and app transactions multifold.
  • Highly engaging, significantly reducing the drop out rate.
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Operational cost
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Lengthy processes throughout
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Customer engagement ratio
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operation efficiency
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