What is Offshore Development Center and How Does It Function?

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Jay Anthony

30 November 2022 8 min read

What is Offshore Development Center and How Does It Function?

Global demand for software development has increased significantly since the pandemic.  The use of offshore development centers has grown from a trickle to a flood in recent years. Offshore outsourcing is no longer just an appealing option for businesses or global corporations looking to reduce their overall operating costs. 

Several tech giants are reaping the benefits of having teams based in offshore development centers. As the trend toward offshore software development grows, so does the demand for an offshore development company (ODC).

So, what is Offshore Development Center?

Offshore Development Center (ODC) is a generalized integrated business model appropriate for both small businesses and established corporations. You can hire a team of highly qualified software engineers and programmers from another country to work on your software development project. Furthermore, an offshore development business model includes a dedicated delivery center that includes all requirements such as infrastructure setup, software specialists, software development, design, quality testing, security audits, business operations, and more.

Let's look at the data and trends surrounding the Offshore Development Center to determine the social proof and tendency of businesses worldwide:

1. Nearly 54% of all businesses contact with customers through outside support staff.

2. Businesses spent $75.2 billion worldwide on security outsourcing in 2017.

3. In the US, there are 59 million independent contractors.

4. 78% of companies throughout the world are happy with their outsourcing partners.

5. Each year, almost 300,000 US jobs are offshored.

6. 71% of CEOs in the financial services industry outsource or offshore parts of their work.

When should you consider an ODC model?

The industry for outsourcing financial services is valued more than $130 billion globally. Two years ago, it was predicted that the global market for outsourced customer experience will be valued at $75.1 billion. This indicates that when developing a significant project that requires continuing support and updates, such as a Fintech corporate application, constructing an ODC will be more appropriate. 

For your software project, creating an ODC will give you the best of both worlds! Simply put, you will be able to complete projects with less risk, less expense, and more output. ODCs typically have in-house technical specialists who can assist you in coming up with creative fixes for all of your technological problems. Additionally, they are knowledgeable about the most recent coding languages and development frameworks.

ODC and conventional outsourcing is not same. Offshore development centers can be seen as an improved alternative to traditional outsourcing for IT companies.

Look at the table below:



Core group with adaptable staffing

Model that is based on usage

Depending on the size of the team and the contractual time frame

Best for modest and medium-sized projects

A plan and a value-based strategy

Task oriented relationship model

The development process is entirely within the control of the customer

The engagement model determines customer authority over the development processes

Ideal for significant, long-term projects

Excellent for modest and medium-sized projects

Countless chances to scale your team

Rare opportunities for team scaling

Access to a full-fledged team right away

Team ramp-up is based on the needs of the project

What are the benefits of ODC?

1. The resource allocation procedure will be simpler with an ODC model because the offshore team can complete tasks as assigned by the in-house team.

2. You can cut hiring, infrastructure, and employee expenditures by using an offshore team because your offshore development company will handle everything.

3. According to the demands of your project and your budget, you will have the freedom to scale up and down your crew.

4. When you have access to a talent pool of pre-screened programmers and developers, you can swiftly on board resources for different tech stacks.

5. ODC guarantees comprehensive and improved data protection and confidentiality.

An ODC is profitable, but it is not completely risk-free.

Let’s look at challenges of ODC:

1. Management Problems

Here, you need to hire a wide variety of employees for e.g.: project managers, recruitment staff, office administration staff, as well as developers, etc., and you must carefully consider whether it is all worthwhile.

2. Management Challenges

It's critical that you can effectively communicate with your remote crew. However, time zones can make this challenging.

3. Cultural diversity

Diversity of culture is crucial for increasing the productivity of your ODC. Additionally, a thorough grasp of cultural variety will aid you in overcoming the difficulties presented by the surroundings.

4. Legal challenges

Many nations have laws and bureaucratic barriers that make starting a new firm difficult for international investors. You can just contract with a company to complete the project on your behalf if you don't want to deal with this.

How to set-up an Offshore Development Center?

1. Put your primary attention on your company's mission, goals, and project requirements.

2. Decide the ODC model you want to use.

3. Choose the right ODC partner.

4. Hire developers and required employees carefully.

5. Ensure a consistent communication between team members.

6. Consider time zone differences.

7. Choose the right development methodology.

Why TECHVED as your trusted ODC partner?

With Fortune 500+ clients, TECHVED is a Top Digital Transformation powerhouse that is well-known on a global scale. We have improved customer service by digitally transforming companies across all industries and areas.

We've put together a powerful team of individuals with the expertise and skills to handle any difficult technical issues thanks to our incredibly inventive, committed, and experienced staff of nerds. TECHVED strives to reach out to the masses and raise awareness about the benefits of setting-up an effective ODC.

For more information, please contact our sales representative at  [email protected] for professional advice on your next software development project.

With that, we hope that you found this blog helpful. If you still have any questions regarding offshore software development centers, feel free to connect with us 





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