Virtual Reality Interviews : What To Except & How To Prepare

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Jay Anthony

27 December 2022 8 min read

Virtual Reality Interviews : What To Except & How To Prepare

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Reality Interviews

Virtual reality in today’s time is a growing trend in the recruiting world, especially because of the benefits it offers. Communication, empathy or leadership are three important qualities which help candidates in their growth and through VR interviews all these qualities can be achieved as VR offers an immersive experience that allows users to engage directly and attend interviews online. 

Have you been thinking about trying virtual reality (VR) interviews? VR is becoming more popular among businesses, particularly those in the tech industry. But what exactly is a VR interview? And how do you prepare for one? 

Here in this blog, you will get to know more about how you can use virtual reality in recruitment and whether VR is the future of recruiting.

Let’s talk about what virtual reality in recruitment looks like

What does Virtual Reality in recruitment look like?

Recruitment can use virtual reality to provide candidates with in-depth experience of what it would be like to work for or join an organization.

By stepping into ‘’ VR experiences, applicants can engage in your hiring process from nearby or even from far places. This is especially promising for remote/hybrid hiring!

The three key ways that virtual reality is used in recruitment are:

- Communication/Collaboration

- Training work/simulations

- Talent attraction

VR & AI: Two Technologies Set To Merge 

Virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are not exactly new, they have been around for a while now. VR uses technology to create environments that we can submerse ourselves into, whereas AI aims to outfit technological devices with the perception of keen insights of being responsive. Recently, many advances have been made to enhance Virtual Reality and AI or bring them together to form a single set of technology that offers seemingly endless possibilities.

You can take your recruitment process to the next level by inculcating VR as a part of your strategy. The biggest use case for VR recruitment is the ability to stimulate an-on job experience during the interview process.

By going beyond one-way video interviews

The fantastic way to know candidates is through one-way video interviews. But what if we could go a step ahead? VR makes recruiters enjoy the key benefits of one-way interviews, and also lets them go beyond some time restrictions and other limitations. Video interviews let users get a feel for the candidate’s personality and culture fit, and job seekers prefer the process of video interviews. As technology continues to play more significant role in recruiting and hiring, job seekers are attract more towards virtual reality interviews.

Benefits of using VR in recruitment 

Based on different applications for VR in recruitment, here are some of the benefits of implementing these practices:

Eliminates geographical barriers

Through VR the candidates are hired from remote locations and HR managers get the opportunity to interview and assess many candidates. This eliminates geographical barriers and encourages people from various regions to apply for job positions.

This gives the brand more opportunities to hire top talent.

Makes recruitment faster

Recruiters can screen multiple candidates within a short period, which saves time.

Candidates whose skills are aligned can easily be shortlisted as per the position through using VR assessments. This especially happens when there are tools like automated applications and templates.

More effective recruitment 

VR helps you stand out at job fairs or other recruitment events, enhancing candidate’s experience and give you a chance to step into a stimulated work environment which helps attract more interested applicants. VR also makes the interview process more inclusive by allowing remote candidates, rather than limiting your reach to only office hiring.

Cost and time saving environmental benefits 

Trainees and trainers from different locations can be connected remotely in same virtual space. Through remote interviews trainee is not required to go another location for interview and this lead to lower travel and accommodation costs and less time spent on travelling.

Through VR assessments, you can also be sure that the candidates you are hiring have the skills to meet the job requirements, ensuring a better candidate fit. This saves money in the long run.

Gives a competitive advantage

When you use VR in recruitment, candidates will get to know that your company is innovative or progressive. This gives the upper hand over competitors who continue to recruit traditionally, especially at the time of recruiting for Gen Z.

Improves candidates' experience

Candidates through VR recruitment get the chance to engage directly with your brand. This is important to improve the candidate's experience. Many candidates prefer virtual interviews instead of face-to-face interviews and their experience also improves since they are not required to travel to attend interviews and assessments.

Top Tips: Companies using virtual reality in recruitment

Nowadays, more and more companies inherit the usage of virtual reality in recruiting to make the process more efficient, to shorten the required time, or to help the company to get back the potential candidates in no time.

Virtual reality helps to see the role 

VR allows candidates to have a virtual tour of offices 

VR helps to attract younger applicants from different regions through remote recruiting 

VR helps to choose the best candidates more easily 

VR increases the level of engagement as team engagement is the key of success in a job

Is VR the future of recruiting?

With an increase in computer technology, better internet speed, or increased digital knowledge, we can say that virtual reality soon will play an immersive role in day-to-day life in the future, including conducting recruitment.

Younger generations likely stay each day in a cross-reality experience where much of their life is spent in distinct VR environments for work, school, socialization, or more! The possibilities of VR in recruitment and hiring are emerging and tech improves or adoption grows.

The size of the global VR market is expected to rise from less than $5 billion in 2021 to over $12 billion by 2024 in the coming years. 

Although the use of VR is still in its infancy stage, it is constantly evolving and already showing a bright future. As the possibilities within VR grow, the process it can be used for attracting and retaining talent will also evolve.


When it comes to attracting new talent or candidates, VR considers a promising new solution for beating your competitors with your brand. This is mostly relevant in today’s shift towards remote or hybrid work environments because VR lets candidates near and far experience the employer brand without leaving their place.

VR should accompany other recruitment/hiring best practices to ensure that your brand makes the most of this tech. As VR continues to grow in popularity, someday we might see all our next job VR interviews in the Metaverse.

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