VR in Real Estate - Solving Industry Biggest Challenges 

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Jay Anthony

29 October 2022 8 min read

VR in Real Estate - Solving Industry Biggest Challenges 

Virtual reality is becoming a major player in the real estate industry. It is used to help buyers and sellers visualize properties in a more immersive way. Virtual reality allows you to walk through the property and experience it as if you were there - it's like being able to see how your house would look like if you were living in it right now!

It has been widely used as a marketing tool in the Real estate industry, allowing you to share content about your homes with potential customers. You can show them 360-degree photos and video tours of your properties in full motion video, or even host events where clients can meet each other face-to-face at your property in person. This helps potential buyers feel more connected to the property they're considering buying and also creates more opportunities for conversation around what matters most—the home itself!

In this article, we will deeply talk about Virtual Reality in Real Estate industry. So, what exactly virtual reality is?

Virtual reality or 'VR' is a technology that attempts to generate realistic visual and auditory experiences that represent real life. VR systems are doing that by using computer vision and advanced graphics to generate 3D images. Virtual Reality (VR) is gaining traction in the real estate industry. 

Since 44% of clients begin their property search online, realtors must embrace this technology today by immersing the user in a virtual 3D environment. Clients always look at multiple properties before finalizing on one and many a time going to see property can be time-consuming and costly. Since Virtual reality is becoming increasingly important, it is attracting firms from various industries throughout the globe.

Now, real estate agents can take advantage of the VR technology and showcase their properties in a creative ways.

Virtual Tours 

VR technology is transforming the way people explore and purchase real estate. Through an immersive, 3D virtual walk through, prospective buyers are able to quickly and easily view multiple properties in just a matter of minutes. Without this technology, buyers would usually need to physically visit multiple locations before deciding where to set down roots, a time consuming process that can take weeks or months. With Virtual house tours it allow potential buyers to check every corner and rooms with Just a mouse clicks. 

Virtual Staging

Imagine showing a house or an apartment without any furniture at all. It would be more difficult to tell what the place looks like and if it could fit the needs of the buyer. Therefore, VR technology comes in the picture, saving the day while giving proper look and feel to the customers. It can give quick view of the house/property to the clients with complete aesthetic. 

Architectural Visualization

Thanks to VR , architects can now do a much better job by preparing their clients for a property before construction starts. Using VR, real estate agents can show clients both the exterior and interior of unbuilt properties, so that clients can get a clear look at what’s being offered.

Virtual Instructions For Tenants

From virtual tours, to 3D walk-throughs and VR tours, you can make your property look amazing. Virtual tours are a great way to show potential tenants or clients (potential or current) the property, so they get an idea of the layout and avoid difficulties and unnecessary contact with the landlord. This also save you time and money in the long run.

Virtual Ecommerce

Virtual ecommerce is a great option for companies that need to stay competitive in the digital age. Virtual ecommerce allows you to sell your products and services from anywhere, anytime, and from any device—all while still enjoying the benefits of having a physical store. With virtual ecommerce, you can offer your customers the same high-quality products and service you're known for without having to worry about physical logistics or inventory. You also won't have to worry about costly real-estate leases or building maintenance. It's just as easy to run a virtual ecommerce site as it is to run a physical one.

Virtual reality is one of the most exciting new developments in real estate. It allows you to escape your everyday life, and experience a property in a way that you haven't before. Virtual reality can also be used for marketing purposes, allowing you to show off your property in an immersive way that's actually fun to watch!

There are many benefits to virtual reality when it comes to real estate:

Save Time

This could be one of the biggest benefits - virtual reality solutions can be used for both the client and the realtor. When you use it, there's no need to travel from one property to another and spend countless hours sitting in a traffic jam. Instead, clients can simply put on their VR headsets and enjoy an immersive, 3Dtour.

Offers Global Reach

It's true that a realtor can be busy arranging client visits and showing properties, while also negotiating terms and pricing.

That's why the average realtor only works with a small handful of clients. VR is a powerful tool that can allow them to showcase properties, no matter where your clients live. This technology allows you to reach more clients globally, process more inquiries, and expand your base. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

Many Virtual Reality tours can even be customized to include types of multimedia effects, like ambient music, narration, and light and sound effects. These features add a sense of wonder to your clients’ experience and help them feel more at ease before they sign on the dotted line.

Reduce Cost

Virtual reality can reduce costs by allowing people to experience their homes before they buy them. Some people may not be able to travel long distances anymore due to health reasons or other factors; however, they still want an opportunity to see what their new home looks like in person before purchasing it!

Quick Ownership

The most challenging aspect of being a Realtor is nudging your clients toward making the most informed decision and sign the rental/purchase agreement. With virtual reality experience, clients get the ability to virtually visit properties and make an informed decision. This leads to faster ownership and ensure complete real-time virtual satisfaction. 


The conventional approaches used to attract customers and facilitate the sale of property can be gratefully supplemented by the VR technology that can provide brokers a competitive edge. VR technologies and Tours will become an absolute must very soon.

According to a report, the global VR in Real Estate Market Ecosystem was valued at US$ 298.6 Mn in 2018 and is expected to reach US$ 1,151.9 Mn in 2023.

With such a massive growth, if you own a real estate business and want to stand out from the crowd, increase revenue, build stronger relationships with clients, and reach more people than you ever imagined , you can just ask for one of our Free Demos to try it and you'll soon experience wonderful results. 

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