How to grow your Business by monitoring your User Experience Strategy ?



Jay Anthony

01 August 2014 8 min read

How to grow your Business by monitoring your User Experience Strategy ?

A good User experience strategy can give your customers happiness and make your business successful. Providing customers ease of use and a friendly experience can help in gaining loyal customers. If the customers find the overall experience comfortable, they will keep the company in business. Examining the user experience by and large can put together a robust business strategy that retains its customers. Keeping a check on the various user experiences that customers come across can improve the business processes, thus elevating the performance. 

Let’s discuss a couple of tools and methods that can be used to keep a watch on the user experience your company is giving away to customers. 

Product prototypes

Observing the experience of your company’s customers can be made easier with the use of prototypes.Prototypes of products relate to the samples that will be distributed among customers. By using these prototypes customers will be able to give a feedback and we can identify their needs. This user feedback can be used to plan the right UX for products. Good prototypes that bring positive feedback are feasible concepts that are likely to retain customers. Thus offering prototypes to customers can help you decide a good user experience design concept for your product. 

Interacting with users for inputs

The service or the product that you create is finally consumed by the customer. Knowing their needs and expectations is important so that the design can be such that it matches their expectation level. Taking ideas from customers in the form of feedback can surely improve the overall experience. Gathering such ideas from customers can be done indirectly through feedback sessions, questionnaire surveys, research methods. These techniques will reveal what the actual customer thinks and what their suggestions are. These methods also help you understand what customers are looking forward to in a particular product. 

Campaign analysis

A company runs various campaigns in the company. The marketing campaigns, the research works, other business campaigns need to be observed to ensure that good UX is communicated to customers via all. This analysis is about checking whether the experience that is being offered through the campaigns is appropriate. Once the company activities are properly supervised, the entire UX can be augmented for the better. 

Tracking software

Observing how customers behave on your website can be helpful in regulating the user experience. With various applications and analytics available on the web today, one can track how their online audience behaves. A tool like Google analytics tells us about how your customers behave on website, where they click, how they browse and move about. With these tracking softwares, companies can understand the user behaviour and act accordingly in order to improve the user experience. 

Mobile application

Having a website is crucial to every business today. With internet driving most of the businesses and customers actions, a mobile application turns out to be equally important as a website. With mobile users growing tremendously, your company’s application is likely to engage a good number of your target audience. Keeping abreast with the most recent technologies and platforms, an apt mobile app should be developed for the target customers. Mobile is an excellent platform that can be utilized to communicate to users effectively for marketing purpose. Also, it will help you understand the response from your customers. 

Experts Advice

Customers are the best judge of your company’s user experience; from their feedback we can understand what they like, dislike, how they want things. Similarly, experts or UX professionals can also gauge the existing user experience well. They can identify the areas of improvement and contribute ideas to enhance the current user experience. You can get some UX experts or designers to review the website, application and they will be able to identify the flaws and the scope of adding UX elements to the design. The advice from these experts can help you get more online conversions and satisfy your customers with a better experience. 

At your service

Good user experience is all about happiness. When your customers get good service, they will come back to you, recommend you and become your loyal customers. Is the right service reaching your customers? Are they happy with it? Are the representatives properly trained to facilitate good services and maintain standards? Customer service is one aspect that counts in an overall user experience. If you are planning to monitor your company’s UX, customer service is one of the things you must focus on. With growing competition, you should also keep a watch on how competitors are treating the customers with their services. With time, the service should change and match up to their expectation levels. It can very well bring about improvements. 

In conclusion

User experience in a company can be made superior by paying attention to various factors. Bringing good services and products to customers will directly have an impact on the business performance and results. There are various methodologies that one can use for monitoring the experience and bring about necessary changes to enhance it. Applications, software tracking systems and other useful tools and techniques can help in finding the right changes. To make sure your company offers the best to customers it is important to benchmark the user experience with these tools. Ultimately it involves delighting users so that they remain content and happy with the experience.

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A well-designed website for users with disabilities is a site that is more accessible to use for all types of users.

A well-designed digital business can easily explain the process of online buying and selling for users with disabilities and can add more value to the business.

Therefore, add some mint into the users’ cup of tea and provide an accessible zest to your digital assets by making it more compliant.

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