Things to keep in mind while doing mobile usability testing

10 February 2016

When conducting mobile usability testing, certain criteria have to be checked as not every product will have similar functionality as other similar ones in the market. A mobile app or sites needs more just qualitative analysis and feedback. Making simple tweaks to them as per the testing will result in creating better user experience. Whether one is carrying out usability testing for mobile apps or m-sites, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

1. Allow your users to behave naturally 

M-sites and apps can be used in multiples modes. Different users may react differently to each mode and this has to be clearly understood. Depending on the types of services that you are offering through your website, you must craft your tasks around it. If you are carrying out usability for ecommerce sites, ask users to purchase something from your site and observe them performing the task. 

2. Let the users complete tasks at their own pace 

If your user is taking your task in some other direction, just give them some time to understand the tasks they are performing. Just because you are carrying out a usability test, doesn’t mean you should be guiding your users to perform certain tasks. When the mobile site or app will be used in real time, how will your users interact? Keeping this aspect in mind let your users explore and this can be noted as a part of your usability report. 

3. Test competitor's sites 

Rather than doing the usability testing on your m-site alone, include competitors’ site as well. This will help you in gaining a better understanding about the things that your app lacks. It is not about monitoring how users develop interaction with your site, usability is done to tailor the website as per the user’s needs. 

4. Hide the exact purpose of testing the site from users 

When the truth for carrying out the task on particular sites or apps is revealed, your users may not be honest enough in answering about the tasks correctly. If you as a tester will ask the user to check the usability of competitors’ website, they might be under an impression to answer only in favor of your website. 


The key to attain best results from usability mobile usability testing is to have an open minded two way discussion with your user. When this happens, the result generated will be honest and beneficial as well.

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