Team Augmentation: The New Name In The Game

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Jay Anthony

27 October 20218 min read

Team Augmentation: The New Name In The Game


Surviving in a highly competitive market is challenging, but what seems more difficult is getting your work done! Being a start-up, you don’t have ample capital, and whatever you have, you have to be highly strategic and careful about spending that. But, with the rise of the hiring and training cost and later on, liabilities of in-house employees could be very expensive. And, as any team is the strength of a company, the attrition and turnover rate also highly depends on the employee satisfaction factor. So, yes, a responsibility could turn into a liability really quick, which will affect the overall growth of the company. So, what do you do? What to do to get a win-win situation that resolves your employee liability problem and positively impacts your rising development? On the other hand, it pays the employees well as well too. The answer is Team Augmentation.

This method is implemented fiercely in today’s corporate world, not only by start-ups but by software giants as big as Google.

What is Team Augmentation:

What is Team Augmentation

In simple terms, Team Augmentation means increasing your team from outside. That is hiring outside professionals on a temporary basis to increase the capacity of your team. This method comes out to be extremely handy when you want to extend your group for some particular work in a specific timeline, but you don’t want to hire permanent employees. So you outsource and expand your team.

Types of Team Augmentation:

Types of Team Augmentation

Before implementing Team Augmentation in any company, it’s essential to understand the different staff augmentation models. It helps implement a suitable model for the proper purpose. So, Team Augmentation can broadly be divided into three categories:

● Commodity: This model best suits when work needs to be done under a specific timeline, but no particular skill set is required. For example, retails, essential factory works, or manual labor.

● Skill-based: When a particular skill set is required for jobs like clerical work, data processing etc. The level of skills is not mandatory.

● Highly Skilled: Jobs like software engineering, graphic designing, brand or logo designing, content strategy etc. need high-profile qualified personnel with a certain level of experience and background. So, for all those jobs, highly skilled candidates are required.

Is Team Augmentation Right for You?

Is Team Augmentation Right for you

This question is absolutely vital before going for Team Augmentation. There are majorly three considerations before augmenting a team.

● Project Length and Complicacy: Outsourcing won't be the best possible solution if it’s a long-term and complicated project with multiple branches and verticals. In this case, if more team members are required, hiring employees with particular skills would be more beneficial. But if a project is short-term, or some part of the project needs to be completed in a tight timeline with a specific skill that the internal team lags, then it’s better to outsource a temporary small group to get the work done.

● Data Secrecy: Outsourcing the team is absolutely out of the question if your project deals with critical company or client data. Internal employees or hiring permanent employees is the only solution here because only in that case can you come to legal terms if something goes out of the way and thus can lower the risk.

● Emphasize on Remote Working: If your job doesn’t require an office inside a building and regular in-person meetings or any such infrastructure then bearing an establishment cost is unnecessary. In that case, need-based hiring of temporary people to finish assignments would be more efficient and cost-effective. So, in this case, Team Augmentation is the best answer.

 Benefits of Team Augmentation:

Benefits of Team Augmentation

So, if implemented properly, the benefits of augmenting a team is huge. Here are some core benefits.

● It integrates the in-house team to the outsourced one resulting in a better and dynamic output

● Lowers the in-house employee liabilities and thus is cost-effective at times

● Easier to meet project deadlines for short-term engagements.

● Reduce operational cost by having remote teams

● Save time and focus on core business operations

● Hire qualified professionals with project-specific skills for desired period

● Moreover, maintain growth and transform the conventional business approach

In the end, it can be said that Team Augmentation can serve as an excellent benefit for any business to sustain in a highly competitive and dynamic market, but misusing this could be proved as fatal. Misconceptions like augmenting a team are always cost-effective, where the staffing agencies always quote the cost after keeping their profit high, which could lead to drawing a wrong budget for a project. So, to succeed in team augmentation, understand your scenario first and then implement the suitable model through a trustworthy staffing agency. And, collaboration with the internal team in a positive manner is also an essential factor. With all these, team augmentation can be beneficial for your organization.

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