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17 April 2019 8 min read


Farming is one of the oldest occupations of India where the farmers are proportionately the leading producers in terms of production. Still, the aftermath is meager in terms of the acquisition. There are many problems that still endure among them such as financial crisis, climatic disaster, soil degradation, pest infection, and disease, and operational inadequacy. A profession with an outsized generation is facing lots of hurdles. Therefore, these hurdles need to get-to-the-bottom-of with an appropriate solution.


Agriculture is an occupation of India since the time human came into being. India was among the top five performing countries for agricultural commodities as of 2016. Also, agriculture as a sector is like a backbone for any economy. There are certain adversities which have brought discontentment into the life of farmers. Each year due to such hurdles many farmers have helplessly committed suicide also some have shifted to other occupations in the past few years.


Today, the agrarians and technology companies have started taking steps to advance the farming methods by introducing Agritech and implementing innovations. Gradually, after the drive called Agritech came into being, the farmers and investors started to meet the rising demands for the more advanced process bettering the profit. Currently, the Agritech sector is merely seeking better Tech and IT consultants that can design and develop various Applications and Software services for the betterment of the agrarians and investors. By creating a platform for the competent result, for farm management, progressive automation, and precision farming, purchasing the land, tractors, machinery, checking the weather reports, field analysis, soil testing, tracking the location of the cattle, investing on land and technologies, marketing the crops and products, market values, etcetera. Mahindra group, for example, has an Agritech application giving better solutions for agriculture technology. Investors and producers utilize their application to acquire and market agricultural innovation and technology on their platform.


Expertise in UX and UI development is crucial for building a comprehensive solution for applications and software. With the support of better UX, today, farmers with no trouble can track the weather reports, soil, and crop maturity, buy seeds for harvesting and take suitable measures. The investors finance in the innovations and technologies for the betterment of the producers.  TECHVED Consulting-one of the leading powerhouses for UX/UI in India has built many such Agritech platforms providing comprehensive solutions in conjunction with a better UX.

Although Agritech is embedded with IoT and ingrained with AI technologies, there will be a need for User Experience designers to develop the software. A better UX eases the process of Agritech and creates an acquaintance among the producers and

investors. This type of smart agricultural solution in Agritech sector is foreseen to expand by 2025.

So, before choosing a UX consultant, it’s necessary to think about the expertise to build an Agritech solution simultaneously considering how much benefit one can draw through these platforms. Therefore, we at Techved consulting have determined to respond to the uses of UX and its responsibilities in our article.


 Research on the target audience 

User Research is the gateway to build any product or service. Through research, we study the user psychology, the user needs, user behavior, and then ultimate it with a competitive analysis. Agritech means rendering solutions through agricultural technology to the farmers and Investors. If the Agritech companies don’t understand how a service fits into farmers’ lives, it can easily happen that these services aren’t effective. So, before developing an application or software, we should conduct various researches on Tier II and Tier III cities in India to comprehend their behavior towards these applications.   

• Mobilize your solution

Telecom industry has initiated Smartphones with 4G technology at reasonable prices across India including rural areas. Most of the inhabitants, today, are using Smartphones, millennial and youths of rural areas are now familiar with mobile Applications. Farmers are now using smart devices to connect with investors through agritech applications. Thus, it is better to mobilize solutions and create a seamless experience across devices.

 Simplify and Ease your interaction

As farmers and investors, by and large, hail from rural areas, they are not as familiar with technology or applications. It is useful to build interactions with- limited content, relevant images, bigger fonts, and by providing every reasonable clue at the home page to complete their journey. However, if the interactions seem to be complicated, they might not return to the application. Therefore, it is important to build an amicable application or software to help them complete the journey

• Selection of language

Basically agritech application provides data on land size, crops, selling, prices, and other types of equipment for the farmers and investors to exchange information on increasing output and market access. Most of the Agritech organizations deliver apt, confined farming information to small farmers who are digitally literate. Techved consulting has built multiple engaging agritech platforms with proper research on their language, which has greatly benefitted the users and agritech companies. Every solution has deep-dived into the extent of localization in language that is acceptable. Our wide expertise has always concluded a balanced mix of local language with English providing content experience close to Hinglish (Hindi+ English) or Tanglish (Tamil + English).

• Easy access to information

Agrarians are mostly interested in - workers, types of equipment, input, purchasing, land acquisition, venture, and marketplace, agreement, economic, insurance – their life is tiring. Through our research, we have noticed that most of them don’t prefer to use the digital platform, thinking that it is tricky. So, it is imperative to provide upfront information, helping them with a simplified user journey.

 Provide quick customer services

Farmers rely on some of their consultants while taking decisions related to – soil, chemicals, varieties, checking weather, pest control, and technology. If we provide them better assistance (Could be robotic) responding to all their queries at once, they will neither have difficulty nor dependency. Hence, this will boost the reliability of the Agritech application.


Modern-day UX plays a key role in transforming every sector and agritech is no exception. Agritech sector has introduced many innovations, in conjunction with technologies such as big data analytics, AI, machine learning, and IoT. These software developments require a better UX solution to build a contemporary agricultural approach, facilitating quicker and better automation to give a realistic solution. Delightful UX solutions, driven by smart technologies, helping farmers monitor the fields, getting notifications regarding the crop health and weather report, and setting suitable measures. This not only saves labor costs but also increases ROI enabling the Agritech sector to advance in the long run.

If you want to seek more about the impact of UX in the Agritech sector, feel free to contact our experts.


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A well-designed website for users with disabilities is a site that is more accessible to use for all types of users.

A well-designed digital business can easily explain the process of online buying and selling for users with disabilities and can add more value to the business.

Therefore, add some mint into the users’ cup of tea and provide an accessible zest to your digital assets by making it more compliant.

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