How To Market Your NFTs In 2022 - The Ultimate Guide

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Jay Anthony

18 November 2022 8 min read

How To Market Your NFTs In 2022 - The Ultimate Guide

NFTs have been in the market for almost a decade, and have gained large acceptance or become a part of the web3 economy.

But what is NFT?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens stored on blockchain protocols like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, etc. It uses smart contracts to prove ownership of virtual or physical assets like photos, videos, tweets, music, or even memes. 

Everyone wants NFT these days as these are non-fungible tokens that sell for millions of dollars and have picked the interest of investors, game players, tech enthusiasts, and artists globally. That is why we are here to mention the ultimate NFT marketing guide for creators in 2022

Branding and Marketing for NFTs

NFT is one such thing that cannot be replicate anywhere else throughout the world due to its non-fungibility. You are required to build your brand around its rarity to achieve high sales of your NFTs. It can be seen from the example of Monalisa Painting, which sells better as compared to Leona Da Vinci, not because the latter doesn’t have a brand but, because the former has the unique feature of rarity.

The rise of NFTs makes it important to stand among the crowd and from the group, means it's important for users to market their NFT to the audience. NFT marketing or promotion helps a business increase its reputation by building strong relationships with its audience. 

Strategies for Brand Marketing or Selling NFT

1. Create an NFT Roadmap for Future Growth

This is the initial step, a roadmap is considered “a plan or strategy for achieving a specific goal.’’ The NFT roadmap gives out an indication of your commitment to transparency or outlines your NFT upcoming goals. 

2. Host AMA Sessions on your NFTs

AMA sessions i.e. Ask me Anything is an effective way to spread the word about your project and also target eventual users with reasons why they should use your NFT project. 

3. NFT Listing in the Right Marketplace 

This is one of the first and simple strategies for selling out your NFTs-listing in the right marketplace. You want  people to purchase your NFT, then list it in the right marketplace. 

For eg: Taco Bell has a well known NFT project. They developed a series of NFT artworks based on their brand which were gone in less than 30 minutes.

4. Email Marketing

You can use an email marketing strategy to send insightful emails to buyers or members of your community. Most companies go to MailChimp to send automated emails to their target audience. You can choose unique designs, templates, or content to share with your target audience or create a large user base to stay up to date with your brand activities.

5. Invest in Online Forum Promotion

Build and participate in NFT discussions of your project on any crypto forum, and this will significantly raise positive awareness about your content in online communities such as Reddit, BitcoinTalk, Telegram, CryptoTalk, Discord, and Twitter. In addition, the business project marketing strategy will give the content creator personalized, credible 'advertising' while generating revenue. This act may also bring investors to their side and, thus, begin purchasing content or products originally developed by the author.

6. Setup NFT Strategic Partnerships 

Partnering up with like-minded and similar NFT projects allows for cross-promotions and both sides benefit from doing so.  Partnerships may not be limited to cryptocurrency & NFT, but you may as well test the waters outside of it. You can partner with popular brands on Opensea like Coca-Cola, Givenchy, Adidas, and CryptoPunks Open sea.

7. Target Paid Crypto Advertising Networks 

The two best strategies for NFT Paid Promotion in the NFT advertising platform are Cost Per Click and Cost Per Thousand Impressions.

Though Google has restrictions on using its advertisement services for crypto-based projects, one of the oldest tricks in the book is reaching out to your specific cryptocurrency target base.

8. Press Releases 

Digital artists and graphic designers can raise their credibility by regularly posting press releases on various media channels and websites. They can use this platform to share the benefits and values of purchasing their NFT. 

9. Search Engine Optimization

SEO services for NFT Marketing assist you in promoting your NFT art and ranking high in search engines such as Google and Bing. They will receive free traffic from their intended audience.

10. Social Media Influencer Marketing

To increase your online traction, you can pay NFT Marketing experts to release news about your brand and products on social media accounts, online news sites, and blogs. Also, creating high-quality sponsored content, puts your brands in front of large, engaged audiences. 

Choosing the right NFT Marketplace

Starting your marketing campaign is half the fun. Be sure to start by investigating what is available on AmazonGo, Apple iTunes, and other major NFT market platforms. Volume and liquidity of the marketplace are two common metrics that should be considered.

The top best NFT Marketplaces are:

1- Open Sea


3- Raible

4- super rare 

5- Enjin 

6- Nifty Gateway

How to list an NFT on NFT Marketplace 

NFT Marketplace is a new platform that allows users to list and sell their own unique digital assets. Users can create and customize their own NFTs, including the design, contents and other details. Then they can sell them on the marketplace.

You can list your NFT with a tagline, description and price. You can also add a custom designed logo to your NFT if you want to stand out from other sellers!

Here are the steps to list an NFT on NFT marketplace:

Step 1: Obtaining an Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-20.

An ERC-20 token is a digital token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It can be associated with any asset or utility, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Step 2: Add money to your wallet

Enter your Ethereum wallet address below & enter the amount of Ethereum that you wish to purchase.

Step 3-  Signing up on any blockchain and creating a wallet for trading

Now you can create an account on any of the NFT marketplaces of your choice, such as OpenSea and Mintable. Both sites are reputable and recommended.

Step 4. Designing your non-fungible token

Take a look at this optional menu that will pop up as soon as you click on the “Create” button at OpenSea. Now you can upload an image for your collection and describe it.

You can click on the ʺAdd new Itemʺ button and upload the NFT file of your audio, image, or 3D model. To grab the public's attention, make sure your NFT has a streamlined website, is well-documented, and has all the technical bells and whistles possible. 


We end up this blog by saying that NFTs are non-fungible tokens that sell for millions of dollars and have picked the interest of investors, game players, tech enthusiasts, or artists globally. That is why we are here to mention the ultimate NFT marketing guide for creators in 2022 and the strategies for brand marketing and selling or which NFT is best or what is the right marketplace to choose NFT. 

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