The BIG Diwali Sale triumphs over true essence of Diwali



Jay Anthony

26 October 2016 8 min read

The BIG Diwali Sale triumphs over true essence of Diwali

Diwali! The names itself brings in the excitement of lighting traditional lamps all over the place and find time to mingle with dear ones for exchanging the festive greetings. Boasting of vigor, Diwali was on such festival when the streets would be sparkling in the twinkling lights and the sound of the bursting crackers all around. As the time evolved, there was a buzz about making Diwali more organic and making it less noisy. With more advancement, everyone accepted this new idea and adopted a newer way of celebrating the defeat of bad over good. 

Nowadays, the idea of celebrating smoke-less and noise less Diwali has been merely forgotten. With the buzz of modern online shopping sales with massive discounts, hoardings are sparkling with bumper sale and newspapers display discounts on every tiny item in huge bold letters. While going through an array of attractive discount rates, have you ever wondered where those days have gone when Diwali was just not about buying expensive items via massive sales? Are these sales doing any good to a man apart from being a little over-the-top on his wallet? 

Neither will the expenses decrease nor will the salary hike while these sales are clouding the eyes of the consumer. While all the massive stores and vendors are busy alluring consumers to buy products from them, there is one question that arises from this entire sale juggling. Is this the real essence of celebrating Diwali? 

Rather than focusing on flashing the massive discounts on home essentials and fashion, Diwali celebrations should be more about playing cleaner and safer as it should be. Enlightening the young generation about the quintessential Diwali celebration by setting up hoardings that speak of empowering the goodness in self would seem worthy. Banish the Ravana in you and help someone celebrate Diwali in a way that was celebrated years ago! Say “Happy Diwali” this season, by not hunting for items through sales but by spreading some awareness about making it more organic and empowering the good side in you!!

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