From Kitchens to Boardrooms - Working Moms Walk the Victory Lane



Jay Anthony

24 January 2014 8 min read

From Kitchens to Boardrooms - Working Moms Walk the Victory Lane

Women are splendidly kicking it on in all fields today, be it the corporate world or the sports ground, the glamour world or the parliament house; ladies are leading as businesswomen, CEOs, mothers, wives and what not. I don’t have to look very far to find a case in point, as I come across one such leading lady every single day. And I wonder how she balances work and life altogether so smoothly. 

A successful woman entrepreneur Ms. Neha Modgil, who started as a UX Design Consultant amassed her venture into TECHVED Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. She exemplifies the phrase “Where there is a Will, there is a Way” when she walks with the laptop bag pack at the back, carrying her baby in arms. The other moment you will find her with the laptop on her table and the baby in her lap. Client meetings, con calls, office meetings and piles of mails- she finishes all of it while her son Shankar stays beside her, signaling GREEN for mommy to go ahead with his cute smile. After all the babysitting and sleepless nights with the newborn, she surprises many of us by appearing absolutely bright at work next morning. 

There is an inexorable spirit in the rear that constantly keeps her on the go. She drives inspiration from Mr. Sanjeev Bikhchandani, founder of Infoedge India Ltd. who encouraged working mums to carry kids to office rather than quitting jobs. During her work tenure at she carried her elder son, Shiv to the office crèche. Today, she passes on the same encouragement to the female employees at her organization, if anyone has such tiny tot issues, they can follow the same trail. Neha, who goes to attend National and International conferences with her little one, believes children don’t stop you from reaching your dreams, in fact their smiles fuel up your energy. 

Managing every task with her placid yet zealous attitude she proves it to all mothers that nothing can come your way. All it takes is your determination and ardor that never ceases…..and yeah, a nanny for the baby. 

Read her success story here

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Jay Anthony

Marketing Head | TECHVED Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.

He led efforts to develop a fully integrated marketing communications plan and growing team. He is responsible for successful corporate re-brand and update of all branded assets.

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