Understand How To Create Staff Augmentation Proposals

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Jay Anthony

01 November 2022 8 min read

Understand How To Create Staff Augmentation Proposals

You're juggling multiple clients and projects, and it's hard to keep them all straight. The last thing you need is a bunch of extra work to do because you can't keep up with everything!

But wait—there's a way around this, it is called Staff Augmentation!

In recent years, the demand for staff augmentation has increased significantly. The reason for this is simple: people are becoming increasingly aware of their value and the benefits that they can add. According to a study, staff augmentation firms earn $490 billion in revenue, with growth expected to reach 4% in the near future.

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy to leverage existing employees and is a great way to increase the number of people on your team by using external resources. You can hire contractors, consultants and freelancers to help you meet your goals. With staff augmentation, businesses can increase their team size for a set period, so you can take care of everything in time, without having to worry about losing track of what needs to be done and when. 

How to Choose the Best IT Staff Augmentation Proposal

Staff augmentation is a very popular option for companies as it allows them to reduce their workload. When there are multiple clients and multiple projects, it becomes really difficult to get them done on time. It can be challenging for companies to do all the tasks efficiently. With staff augmentation businesses can increase their team size for a required period of time and finish the project on time.

According to a report, globally, about 54% of organizations have a talent shortage.

This means that many organizations are operating with short-term or no-term employees, which can lead to decreased productivity, higher turnover rates, and more expensive recruitment. Therefore, it is then important to choose the best staff augmentation proposal.

If you’re looking for potential partners in the professional staff augmentation space (whether you’re looking for staffing, consulting, or any other form of professional assistance), you should look for proposals that meet at least the following basic requirements. Take a look now:

Listen closely to your company’s needs

The right staffing firm will place your specific needs as their highest priority. They’ll be ready to do so from your first interaction, asking all the important questions about your preferences: such as what you prefer for communication, online meetings versus in-person meetings, and what time works best. The right staffing partner will listen, ask questions, and provide support until the match is a success. 

Deploy their resources quickly and easily

A good partner will have developers ready to start working right when you need them most. Whether you are creating or fine tuning, they should be compatible with your busy schedule and know how to get the job done efficiently.

Offer the best talent in their respective fields

Working with a trusted partner will ensure that you get top talent and the highest quality individuals who will help take your products to the next level.Hiring the most talented developers takes some effort. Bring in the stars from within and outside of your own company. Specialists with many years experience and among the top 1% of talent in their fields are ideal.

Have candidates with a range of experience, rather than just a baseline of knowledge

Look for those employees who have the skills and adaptability you need to get your project on track and run smoothly as quickly as possible. For starters, you can recruit your own candidates. But if you're unable to keep up with the demand, you need a Staff Augmentation partner who can help you locate the right candidate and assist with the hiring process.

Things to Avoid When Evaluating Staff Augmentation Proposals

If you are analyzing an IT staff augmentation proposal of an IT sourcing or staffing company and it shows one of these red flags, you are probably not dealing with the right partner.

Are not flexible in adapting to your working processes and methodologies

When you're on boarding a new member into your project, they should be comfortable and adaptable to whatever process your team uses and your organizational and corporate culture.

Take too long to respond

This can be a problem for companies looking to outsourcing their IT needs to an offshore firm. The time zone difference can make it difficult to communicate in a timely manner. An IT staffing company can only help you achieve success if they are very responsive. You should not have to chase down your IT contacts for answers. Such a company is not interested in your success. You should watch how a potential IT Staffing Company responds when you contact them.

Deliver fall short on their promises

Some partners may promise things they can't deliver on, because they're hoping you're too busy to search for a replacement. But you have a better option: Never settle for less. When a staffing agency makes a promise, they should stick to it.

Don’t deliver the highest quality staff

Remember what your staffing solutions promised? The highest quality talent for you? Well, take this promise seriously. If a staffing firm tells you that they can provide you with a full staff then that is exactly what you should do. If it turns out that the developer you're working with delivers mediocre results, then try switching over to a partner that demonstrates a history of success.

Cost Management in Staff Augmentation Proposals

Hiring a contractor gives you the flexibility to engage a worker when you need help and without the long term commitment of an employee. You can get the help you need for your business without the additional costs of recruiting, employee benefits, taxes and paid time off. In addition, augmentation workers are hired based on their expertise in a particular area, so you can save money on training.

You need to find a partner that matches your business needs. This one-off, custom work is going to require a custom service model. So, you’ll want a staff augmentation partner that understands your unique requirements within your specific budget.


Affordability , Efficiency, and convenience are just a few of the reasons many business owners rely on staffing agencies that help them find the right talent for their companies. Finding the right agency starts with developing a solid strategy, and it's important to have the right partner who possesses experience in various industries. It's up to you to do your research and find a partner whose qualifications meet your IT needs, but as this article shows, not all agency staff are qualified. Do some heavy background research and use your own judgement to find the right partner for you. With over two decades of experience, 

TECHVED’s Staff Augmentation services can help solve your resource shortfall with focused and tailored input. Contact us now for the advice on strategy and the costs of hiring before you place a bid or proposal for a new business.

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