Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies



Jay Anthony

17 September 2020 8 min read

Top 5 Lead Generation Strategies

Generating Leads is one of the greatest marketing obstacles that companies have to face. Every company needs to get the attention of its potential customers and to get quality leads to an increase in ROI and overall business revenue. Lead generation is a marketing technique that benefits companies every day, never wants a leave or a rest, and doesnt get sick either.


According to a study conducted, HubSpot concludes that 63 per cent of marketers agree that Lead Generation is the most competitive challenge you need to stand out from the rest of the world and to make the most of the benefits.


If done in the right manner, the reward of generating qualitative leads that could be converted into potential customers by using efficient strategies to do so could be very high.


Knowing the needs, requirements, demographics, behavioural trends, etc. of prospects is of vital importance when designing a successful Lead Gen strategy. Therefore, an efficient and smart lead Gen Strategy starts with keeping the end user in mind.


Creating the same has its own set of advantages too one of them being that while creating a Lead Gen strategy business very often look at their own work models with a different perspective. Stakeholders and other important professionals related to a brand know their brand well, their brand guidelines well, and are also well aware of what and how they wish to communicate and convey to their target audience. But, while creating a good Lead Gen strategy they are made to look at their brand from the user’s perspective, they are informed about what their potential customers really want.


Challenges that company face when developing a Lead Gen plan


There are many problems that companies faces when it comes to producing successful potential leads. As a matter of fact, Lead Generation is considered to be one of the top aspects to make or break a company. Thats because Lead Generation means generating customers, and as we all know, "Customer is King." Here are a few problems that are typically faced when it comes to Lead Generation: 


1.  Gaining the attention of busy decision-makers

2.  Cracking the right strategy to gain maximum benefits

3.  Maintaining consistency in the activities

4.  Building an infrastructure to keep the leads engaged

5.  Providing relevant and rich in quality content to the leads

6.  Implementing the tactics and strategies

7.  Measuring and tracking the success graph


Until a while ago Lead Generation was very often perceived to be known as the concept of transferring and channelizing potential buyers directly to the sales funnel. Buyers usually had to connect with sales representatives which was not always a very pleasant experience, and, sales professionals had to speak to people who may or may not have been potential buyers. This also increases the number of cold calls representatives make to leads that are of very less value-adding an extra cost to the company.

But, this has gradually over a period of time changed. The concept of Lead Generation has evolved. Evolved so greatly that buyers can now do research about any product or service of their interest on their own on various social media platforms, search engines, etc. Since we have technologically advanced so rapidly, buyers know almost everything about a product before they even get in touch with the sales representative of that particular brand.  


Top 5 breakthrough Lead Gen strategies that always work


 1. Chatbots




Chatbots are well trained and very smart bots that are integrated to have live chats with people while they are on a particular website or mobile app. These conversations happen in real-time and the user does not have to wait for long to get connected to a bot. In fact, bots are trained in such a manner that they themselves initiate chats and attract the user to interact with them. You can also promote various lead magnets like a demo, seminar, webinar so on and so forth to keep the users engaged with the website or app. These conversations users have with Chatbots allow businesses to provide resolutions and information to the users very quickly and also ask relevant questions at regular intervals about their contact details or address details to constantly gather as much as information from the user. Once all the relevant information is captured by the bot businesses can use it for the best of returns. 


2. Circulate Insightful and Interesting Newsletters


Circulate Insightful and Interesting Newsletters


Yes, it is observed that this is one of the few neglected aspects that some businesses often miss and do not pay much attention to. It is of utmost importance to create and circulate must-read newsletters to the target audience and encourage interested customers and allow them to connect with the brand. Again these newsletters should be sent out at regular intervals. It is advised to send these newsletters on a weekly basis. Another tactic to increase the engagement between the brand and its potential customers is by adding a quiz or interactive section in the newsletter. People generally reply or pay attention to interactive activities especially if it has some kind of reward in return. So circulating creative and informative newsletters is definitely a go-go for businesses to generate qualitative leads.


 3. Use Lead Magnets


Use Lead Magnets


As a part of the marketing budget brands can offer various discounts and offer coupons to their target audience. If planned strategically, prospects can avail of these discounts by sharing some information like their, phone number, email id, etc. which is very valuable for businesses to capture leads. Businesses can then track the people who have used the discount coupons to funnel down quality leads. This has 3 benefits:


1. Generates sales for the business

2. Helps to identify quality customers

3. Customer details can be easily captured during the checkout process


There are plenty of other lead magnets and tactics like tutorials, e-books, audiobooks, demos, etc. to attract the target audience and increase the probability of obtaining potential and rich in quality leads.


 4. Boost your SEO Ranking


Boost your SEO Ranking


Conduct thorough researches to layout the keywords which benefit your business in the best way possible. Use these keywords as much as possible to attract more and more people to land on your web page. People are very tech-savvy and would prefer browsing for a product or service of their choice on the internet. Once you have the list of the top-rated keywords you can create great relevant and eye-catchy content around it. Follow the best SEO practices and ensure that your web page ranks high and has good visibility for customers.


5. Don’t lose touch with the audience


Don't lose touch with the audience 


Constantly be visible to the target audience as more visibility means more probability of potential customers engaging with the brand for its products or services. Even if you have engaged with leads in the past and do not see any response from their end always try again as there could be a possibility of them missing out on the previous attempt you made. Re-targeting the target audience triggers and guides them towards the brand again and again increasing the probability of them initiating some response from their end which is what the ultimate goal is.


In conclusion


Lead Generation techniques are an integral part of business models and are of the utmost importance. In order to improve companies, it is very important for them to have a website or app that is a leading machine clubbed with the right marketing strategy and content strategy. Good quality leads are a benefit for businesses in every industry and sector, and there are many companies that end up paying a huge profit for Lead Generation campaigns. It is necessary to bear in mind the points listed above if companies want to make a breakthrough and increase their sales enclosure. 

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