Step Into The Future Of Education With Augmented Reality

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Jay Anthony

21 August 2021 8 min read

Step Into The Future Of Education With Augmented Reality

The way we learn in the classroom is changing at an unprecedented rate. While Covid has previously placed a restriction on schools, yet technology has made its way to the students. Many children are benefiting from online learning since it is increasing the engaging and interactive features. The world's traditional learning model is about to be rewritten thanks to Augmented Reality.  

Today's students are already familiar with a variety of technologies, digital tools and applications. They are very much used to this new world of education that connects virtually and make learning more easy. However, Augmented Reality is already here and is becoming more widely used in classrooms and educational settings to improve their experience and promote e-learning. While education is taken very seriously, there are certain challenges, such as the limited availability of educational services and a shortage of skilled employees. As a result, incorporating AR technology into the educational system will aid in the most efficient expansion of knowledge. We'll look at how Augmented Reality is transforming and shaping the future of education in this article.

Augmented Reality’s Role In Transforming Education Industry

In order to be relevant in an ever-changing world and be effective in achieving its objective, the educational system needs new technologies. You may be wondering how Augmented Reality is the next logical step in the evolution of the educational system. Well, we'll explain it to you.

Education is predicted to be the fourth most important sector to invest in virtual reality. According to a survey, the AR/VR business in education would be worth $700 million by 2025. Augmented Reality has the potential to improve the location and timing of classes while also making learning more enjoyable. The modern learning process is increasingly adjusted to include elements of interaction and creativity. AR aids in acquiring, processing, and remembering knowledge by offering visual representations. As a result, it assists students in putting their knowledge into practice.

The new generation is not the one who will enjoy chalk and board. Students are easily bored by standardized instructional approaches, according to studies. In actuality, they are more likely to retain what they see than what they learn by rote. AR takes students to the next level by allowing them to do more than simply see; it also allows them to experience and participate. Therefore, AR has a favourable impact on students by providing interactive, engaging, and appealing learning.

Augmented Reality Impacting The Learning Experience

We all remember the story of the ‘Thirsty Crow’ from our textbooks, and how we imagined the entire situation or referred to the illustrations in the book, or how our teachers would draw the figures on the board to help us comprehend. Earlier, all of this was the only way, but now all you have to do is go to Youtube and watch the story. There are a variety of films available that make it simple for children to understand the story and enjoy it more. According to a survey, 90% of educators believe that AR technology is a good approach to provide varied and individualized learning experiences for children.

This is how the learning experience impacts. 

Augmented Reality enhances the learning experience for students by providing 3D examples of topics for students to study and engage. Overall, computer graphics are heavily used, allowing an object to be collected and displayed in the augmented environment, as well as rendering searches regarding the object. It means that the application can take a picture of an object in the actual world and provide a complete description of it. Apart from giving a superior learning experience, AR has many other benefits such as: 

- Increased comprehension of the content

- Understanding the structure and function

- Easy learning by eliminating the language barrier

- Memory retention over time

- Physical task performance has improved

- Enhanced immersive practical education

- More collaboration & engagement

- Student motivation has improved

Wrap It Up

Let's face it many children regard school as a chore, and professors are struggling to maintain student enthusiasm. It is a perennial issue that will almost certainly never be entirely resolved. However, by adding a layer of interactivity to the mix, AR can help to solve this problem. According to a study, the average ordinary student can remember 30% of what they hear and 20% of what they see. When it comes to AR/VR, students can remember 90% of the material because it is learned by experience.

Immersive AR education is far more exciting it gives students an opportunity to take a more active role in the process. It keeps the student focused on the subject, while on the other hand, it piques their interest in the subject. AR is becoming increasingly cost-effective, accessible, successful, and necessary in providing schoolchildren with the skills and knowledge needed to collaborate with others and advance in future employment. AR can also blur the barriers between textbook information and content developed by educators or students.  Therefore, by providing an exceptional learning experience through AR, educational institutions would attract enormous attention.

To give you an immersive environment, TECHVED Consulting provides an exceptional learning experience through AR.  Our extensive experience with integrating and refining Augmented Reality has resulted in innovative marketing, education, and other solutions. With us, you can generate leads, boost marketing efforts, engage and retain the right consumers. To learn more, go to  and get in touch with us right away.

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