Best Ways To Create & Deliver AR Content

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Jay Anthony

08 November 2022 8 min read

Best Ways To Create & Deliver AR Content

Augmented Reality is a trend that's been growing in popularity over the last few years. The best part about AR is that there are so many different ways to use it. You can create unique & immersive experiences for your customers by giving them a new perspective.

It can be used on a wide range of products and services, including advertising and marketing, education, entertainment, games and sports, health care and medicine, tourism, retail/shopping and travel/tourism. AR has the potential to make your visuals way more engaging. But just visual interactions is not enough, you can also use it to create content for your business, or even just as a fun way to connect with your customers. 

The AR world is growing increasingly popular. From the smartphone-based AR games like Pokemon Go and Ingress to the more sophisticated, fully immersive virtual experiences that require a headset, AR has become an increasingly important part of our lives. However, there are still many areas where content creation is lacking.

In this article, we will talk about how content is a key to create engaging AR interactions. 

Let’s understand what is AR Content?

AR content is an emerging area of digital marketing that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to place digital content into real-world environments.

The term "AR" refers to the combination of two things: Augmented reality and the internet. In this context, the term "AR" means "augmented reality." It's a way for marketers to bring their brand's message into your physical space—whether that's your neighborhood, city, or workplace.

For example, you might see an ad for a new movie pop up on the side of a building as you pass by it. Or maybe there's a pop-up window in your email that tells you about a discount on a product. That kind of thing! And it's all done through AR technology like Pokemon Go and Snapchat filters—it's not magic!

AR content is a new and exciting way to create content for your business. But there are many benefits to using AR as a form of content, and not just in terms of a more immersive experience for your audience. 

Let’s take a look at the advantages of AR Content for Business

From E-Commerce to manufacturing, companies can get various benefits through Augmented Reality content. There are some of the benefits to business through AR content:

1. More engaging and interesting to the user

2. It can be used for educational purposes

3. It has a high level of interactivity

4. It can be used in an interactive way that would not have been possible in the past

AR Content Type that Immerse

Augmented Reality is one of the technologies that had received great attention in recent times. In this world, where the boundaries are blurred between real and virtual, therefore this immersive technology enriches reality through digital content and gives people gain a complete sense of objects around them. Augmented reality directly engages or provokes user interactions with the real world. To view the content of the augments physical world the users are allowed to use various devices like smartphones, tablets, or other wearable devices.

Why AR Content Development is a challenge for Business?

The reason from which we can say that AR Content Development is challenging for businesses is the lack of Augmented Reality App Design or AR Development Standards. The security or privacy issues with Augmented Reality or the possibility of physical harm and poor quality of content. Some of the obstacles which businesses will need to overcome are:

1. Additional Software for consumers

2. AR is expensive for business 

3. AR must be aware of Consumer Safety

4. Business needs to invest in creating AR content 

How Businesses can approach AR Content Creation

The first step in creating an AR interaction is to find the right content. The best thing to do is to look at the subject of your AR experience and find out what the product or brand has done that makes it so special. This can be as simple as taking a picture or a video of a product and then turning it into an interactive experience by adding audio commentary or narrative. You can also use this opportunity to add interactivity by adding motion graphics and sound effects which will add another layer of fun and excitement.

The next step is creating an interactive storyboard so that you have a good idea of what your end product will look like when it's finished. This will help you determine how long each step should take and how many steps there are overall in order for your end product to be successful. Once you've come up with this plan, it's time to actually start working on creating content!

Lastly, investing in right devices to get the right experience. The report says that as of 2021, there are roughly 2 billion AR-enabled devices with 851 million including Android Smartphones or 1.25 billion iOS phones. Businesses that incorporate augmented reality devices can leverage AR to improve the user experience or increase customer engagement. Professionals mainly go for AR tools to work which can streamline operations or increase business efficiency.

7 Best AR Content Creation Tools 

Augmented reality content is paramount to the app's success. If the content is properly written, well engaging then users interact and share it. This helps in renders brands new leads or flows, customers and sales, if it’s not then users leave. Wondering how to create augmented reality content for your brand so here are the 7 best AR Content Creation Tools. 


Lens Studio

Spark AR Studio


Unite AR 

Plug XR



AR market is going to cross between 30 to 80 billion USD in the coming years. The main advantage of augmented reality content is that it gives you a better experience when you want to interact with the content. The user can view the content from a different angle, which allows them to see more of what's happening in the scene. If you're watching a movie or playing a game, this can make all the difference between being able to follow along and being able to see what's happening on screen. 

When you look at the way people are interacting with digital content today, it's clear that we're on the edge of something big: a new way to tell stories and communicate with each other that is only just beginning to be explored. 

If you're looking to implement AR content in your business, TECHVED is the solution. Our immersive solutions are designed to help you create a seamless experience for your customers, whether they're using virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR).

Check out our work, just click here. We believe that AR will be the next big thing in content creatio and now more than ever, we can help you get there.


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