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16 December 2013 8 min read


User experience is an indispensable part of software development and has an immense impact on the success of the software. The term user experience closely involves the user and his emotions during the usage. Be it a mobile app, website, a software, a game, a product, a machine , a service or system , User Experience is of vital importance.It is directly related to the user’s perception about the experiential aspects , convenience & competence of use and the utility of the system. With changing circumstances, it becomes necessary to keep the user experience constantly updated with time by innovating and amending it; it is beneficial to look after its dynamicity. 

One such field where user experience comes to play is of software development. Softwares are designed to serve the purpose of any business or personal use by converting an elaborate and time consuming task into an easy process. So basically it cuts down the time cost and energy cost involved in any process. It is designed to fulfill a common need of the users and make tasks simple. And as the user is the main person to be engaged in software, UX immediately becomes a part of its development and design process .The usability of the software should be up to the mark and UX integrated as such softwares sell more. 

Software developers as of today are focusing on the User Experience design front to make their softwares a success in the market. Customers will be tempted to buy those softwares that are user friendly .First thing that needs to be checked is the website, where the softwares are showcased. It becomes vital to make sure that the platform you are putting it across to your audience is user friendly too. It should attract the customers and reflect an essence of usability and UX in its interface. A software developing firm markets its softwares on their website where the prospects flock around to see what stuff you got. If the store is easy to walk through the prospect is likely to be interested in taking the next step. Put the prospects through a delightful experience on the website and they could soon be your customers. The key here is to appear as attractive as possible to your customers. 

The software itself should lay emphasis on the UX so that it shows up when the users are operating the software. Today Software developers ensure ease and convenience of users as an added value to their product. The users should be guided well with instructions and a step by step procedure. During the product use phase, the focus is to make sure a good preparatory process with helpful instructional guidelines that tells in detail how to use the software. A comprehensive help and support aid should be available to the users in case they face any difficulty at any point of time in operating the software. Also to keep the users glued, having the software made more engaging and problem solving helps. 

After the user has finished working on the software also it is essential to maintain the UX . The users’ feedback on software is very significant in bringing about improvements in the software. The benefits and advantages should be essentially told to the users to make them understand how they benefit from the software. 

In software, User Experience becomes important for a lot many reasons. There are places and instances in dealing with the software where ensuring and enhancing the user experience design prove beneficial. Below are some: 

  • Visual clarity 
  • Terminologies 
  • Error correction 
  • Help & support 
  • Instructions on how to use-Provide consulting 

The importance of integrating user experience in software development reflects in its benefits to the users, the software vendor and the software developers. 

¤ For the users 

  • UX makes the software learning painless for users , 
  • provides Better navigation that helps the users browse through it 
  • Reduces the errors. 
  • With better UX, it takes half the time and effort in training the users. 

¤ For the vendors 

  • The usage of the product is raised 
  • With an increased usage it is easier to tap the newer segments in the market. Hence add more users to the list this way 
  • It opens the way to increase the subscriptions to the software. 
  • Easy interface reduces the training time and effort and hence the training cost is saved. 

¤ The software developers also benefit by integrating UX: 

  • Lesser errors and hence less flaws 
  • Improved and efficient functioning lessens rework too 
  • The software as a result has improved performance.



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Concluding message

A well-designed website for users with disabilities is a site that is more accessible to use for all types of users.

A well-designed digital business can easily explain the process of online buying and selling for users with disabilities and can add more value to the business.

Therefore, add some mint into the users’ cup of tea and provide an accessible zest to your digital assets by making it more compliant.

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