How Staff Augmentation Model Works For Businesses

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Jay Anthony

01 November 2022 8 min read

How Staff Augmentation Model Works For Businesses

The need to solve immediate resource shortages, budget restrictions, and personnel restrictions led to the development of staff augmentation. When expertise was needed for urgent and brief engagements, this technique benefited businesses the most. Companies such as Infosys,Tech Mahindra, Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture, Fueled and many more are leading in staff augmentation and making the most out of it. 

Before we dig deeper, let’s know about staff augmentation first..

It is a form of outsourcing solution that involves recruiting qualified personnel on a short, middle, and long-term basis to supplement the organization's own workforce and to achieve particular business goals.

It takes a lot to hire full-time employees for short-term jobs, and the long-term costs to the business are far higher. There is typically more risk involved with managed services and traditional outsourcing procedures. Therefore, the optimal solution is staff expansion. It combines the project outsourcing flexibility with the dependability of a full-time workforce.

Why staff augmentation is recommended for companies?

Well, in the technology industry, staff augmentation services are pretty much always in demand. The gig economy's expansion and the rapidly changing culture of the workforce present serious problems for the sector.

Hence, staff augmentation provides many benefits to expand the team easily and work seamlessly:

Pay only when the service is really used

Higher performance

Improved use of internal resources that offer value

Efficiency improvements over time and continuous service improvement (CSI) 

Less risk because service demand is directly influenced by business volatility

When it comes to personnel agreements, resource use, management and the supplier is flexible

How To Choose the right Staff Augmentation Model?

If used properly, the staff augmentation model can be quite productive. Here is a summary of the methods you can temporarily add in order to achieve long-term success.

1. Select projects that have limited time requirement

The ideal use of staff augmentation is for one-time projects without a long-term strategy for continuance. Typically, the most practical way to take advantage of resource and staff augmentation benefits is through software development projects. Instead of seeking direct hiring, a staff augmentation is a preferable option to match your company's needs.

2. Identify the organization's talent shortages

You can gain valuable insights into the company's skill shortages by doing a thorough examination of the business processes inside the firm. Conducting a talent audit within the organization would assist in identifying the present skill shortages, whether it is reviewing the demands of current projects or formulating plans for new initiatives.

3. Identify unique skill-set requirement

Finding a partner to make the correct talent available to you starts, once you have defined the precise skill set and role you are wanting to hire. The business you partner with is entrusted with finding the best personnel and ensure that you can quickly produce a great product.

Staff augmentation has became more popular recently , and many leaders are still misinformed or unaware about the main concepts of the staff augmentation.

In the next point we will dive into the most common misconceptions surrounding the staff augmentation and how they are actually wrong.

Cost savings are not significant

Using outsourced services is unquestionably more economical than maintaining sizable IT departments. Most direct and indirect costs associated with in-house personnel, including insurance and retirement benefits, workers' compensation, legal fees, and even office supply upkeep, can be avoided with the use of staff augmentation.

Staff Augmentation has “no long-term benefit”

The scalability that staff augmentation offers to all development initiatives is the true long-term value. A quicker launch occurs from the increased efficiency, speed, and flexibility, and the higher-quality outcomes persist for the whole lifespan of the finished product.

It’s difficult to manage staff augmentation teams

The goal of the IT sector is to push virtual boundaries. Working with outsiders can cause some anxiety, but those worries should be outweighed by the advantages of staff augmentation. However, it is wise to maintain any delicate topics in writing and to only communicate through open and effective channels.

Staff augmentation is the same as technical support

Technical support is intended to assist users in resolving typical technical issues with a product or service, whereas staff augmentation involves adding skilled individuals with the necessary knowledge to the team.

How TECHVED is implementing staff augmentation?

Basic Team Improvement

Employees from TECHVED temporarily work with your project manager's team. Your project can progress 2 times more quickly if it is fully staffed with the necessary expertise.

Best for: Organizations with well-established development teams who are dealing with a tight project timeline or a skill gap.

Dedicated Group

TECHVED puts together a development team to work with your internal development team or outside vendors on specific project tasks. We assign competent project managers to supervise our portion of the project and manage project activity using a variety of communication channels (like Jira, Confluence, Microsoft Teams).

Best for: Multi-team projects where overall project progress needs to be managed.

Full Project Outsourcing

You can entrust TECHVED with your entire software development project. By avoiding the hiring, on boarding, and training of full-time development workers, you can reduce your development expenditures by as much as 30%.

Best for: Companies that wish to reduce project management participation and have overworked or nonexistent IT teams.


IT staff augmentation offers businesses a number of advantages, including a quick hiring process, cheaper development expenses, less legal hiccups, greater flexibility, continued authority, and many others that we have covered in this post. 

However, when staff augmentation is an efficient kind of outsourcing that comes at a low cost, high level of commitment, and low risk. In order to get the most out of staff augmentation, IT departments should be aware that they are currently "sourcing externally" and work to establish a truly managed services model.

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