VR Development - Is your Business Ready For Innovation

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Jay Anthony

29 October 2022 8 min read

VR Development - Is your Business Ready For Innovation

This amazing technology has finally found its way into a larger commercial environment after years of wandering. Businesses today are enthusiastically embracing the opportunities that VR technologies are bringing. According to Forbes, around 75% of the most valuable firms in the world use sector-specific VR apps to boost employee productivity or customer satisfaction.

Millions of dollars are being invested in this field by tech giants like Facebook and Microsoft, indicating that the widespread adoption of Virtual Reality applications is not so far.

Virtual reality (VR) is the experience of a simulated environment. This differs from traditional user interfaces, which place the user in front of a screen that overlays the virtual world. In contrast, VR experiences are immersive and users are able to interact in very realistic ways with 3D worlds.

Some of the following applications of VR technology depicts the role of VR in business:

VR tours

Travel companies, restaurants, hotels, real estate agencies, museums, and other businesses can use virtual reality technology to showcase their properties to the public. These virtual reality tours allow people to get a realistic look at how the location or product operates.

Creating VR models

Companies can save time and money by developing a VR model. These models or prototypes let users inspect a product and make adjustments without having to invest time and money in producing a physical model.

Training employees 

Employees may receive practical training or instruction through virtual reality experiences. Simulated situations can help staff to be ready for risky situations or teach them how to operate sophisticated, expensive equipment without running the risk of damage.


Businesses can share live events with a larger audience by using virtual reality. A VR event video can give the viewers the feeling that they are in front row and give them the impression that they are there in person.

Showcasing products

Potential customers may explore a product in virtual reality before making a purchase. A product can be put into a customer's (virtual) hands directly through VR's realistic pictures, or viewers can see a product in action.


Many tech insiders anticipate that virtual reality will become the utmost form of communication. For businesses, this means that coworkers who are thousands of miles apart can meet face-to-face or collaborate on a product.

You can benefit from the future of this technology regardless of your industry, whether you work in finance, events, construction, or have a product to sell. 

What are the benefits of VR in businesses?

1. Enhanced Recruitment Process

Candidates who are interviewing remotely or otherwise unable to receive the full in-person experience can benefit from virtual reality tours of the company's offices and work environment.

2. Immersive Corporate Training

Virtual reality (VR) technology is opening more and more possibilities for education sector in all shapes and sizes. VR training software offers life-like scenarios where new and veteran employees can learn new skills and sharpen existing ones without impacting customer service.

3. Reduce Business Travels

Virtual reality meetings are becoming a new norm for corporations across the globe. VR development has made it possible to host business meetings from anywhere with participants located in all different parts of the world. Virtual reality solutions can even help reduce business travel for an organization, says experts.

4. Effective Prototyping

To be able to consult the client in the best way and come up with the best solutions for the problems that the future will throw at us, designers must stay up to date, experiment with tools, and prototype ideas. The new dimension and immersiveness of VR allows for a plethora of new ways to design experiences.

5. Revolutionize e-Commerce

The virtual reality revolution in ecommerce offers the opportunity to create an enhanced shopping experience. Customers are drawn in by an appealing environment with dynamic product displays. 

6. Better Experience to Customers

Businesses can now engage their customers and employees in ways that weren't previously possible thanks to virtual reality. When a person puts on a VR headset, they can enter an immersive environment that outperforms any 2D experience available. 

Virtual reality (VR) is quickly gaining traction among marketers; it's an excellent way for brands to create a digitally focused, immersive experience that encourages consumer engagement.

Take a look at how TOMS, Audi, Marriott International, Vroom, and McDonalds use VR technology in their brand strategy:

1) Retail: TOMS Shoes

To bring this vision to life, TOMS has created “a walk in their shoes” campaign. Using virtual reality technology, shoppers are able to experience the journey as one customer from California travels to Columbia to see the child they helped buy a pair of shoes.

2) Automotive VR training at Audi 

VR is being used by the German automaker Audi to instruct staff on how to operate sophisticated machinery. The business simulates its employment needs using virtual reality technology.

3) Event Planning: Marriott International

With a virtual reality headset, attendees and event planners can receive a realistic impression of how their event might appear. The ability to examine 360-degree, 3D images of specially configured room setups makes event planning simpler than ever.  

4) Automotive: Vroom

Vroom, an online automobile store, makes the car-buying process as realistic as going to a showroom. Vroom has developed a VR-enabled showroom where customers may browse 15 various automobile models with prices ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 while donning a VR Google Cardboard headset

5) Restaurant: McDonalds

In Sweden, McDonald's pioneered the "Happy Goggles" phenomenon by converting a Happy Meal Box into a cardboard VR headset. Users of virtual reality can take part in a variety of realistic and interactive games, including a skiing activity.

Well, it’s commendable how brands are using VR technology in their businesses. You can get started with your own VR application too. 

TECHVED is a leading AR/VR company that uses VR technologies to assist companies with immersive experiences. TECHVED is providing benefits to businesses through its outstanding solutions. By utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide a fantastic, intuitive, and simple user journey, TECHVED made it easier for customers to obtain immersive experiences through various solutions.


Since majority of big brands and companies are implementing VR technology to improve customer experiences, there is no doubt that this technology will outlast the average fad. Businesses now consider how VR can be integrated into their strategy in order to remain competitive and retain a large consumer audience. This technology will become an integral part of the world of entertainment and marketing, shifting how we conduct business, due to its ability to showcase the world around us in a whole new way.


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