4 Effective Design Tips To Give Life To Your Chatbot



Jay Anthony

23 August 2017 8 min read

4 Effective Design Tips To Give Life To Your Chatbot

One trait that all humans possess is the conversational nature. We tend to get in a conversation on topics with like-minded people. UX designers implemented this conversational style in their design of digital assets, thus providing for better user experience. 

Slowly, with the advancement of technology, this conversational style spilled into the chatbot universe, with the core being a humanized approach. But before I delve into the topic, let me throw some light on what exactly is a Chatbot. 

A chatbot is a computer program that conducts conversations via auditory or text messages. It is built in a way to simulate a conversation experience through a dialog system for the user. Some chatbots use sophisticated and complex language processing systems, but some use simpler systems. 

Chatbots are used by many websites and instant messaging platforms to assist in generating and passing information to the users. Eg: Siri for iPhone users and Eva for HDFC bank customers. Thus, you can start a conversation with the chatbot to get the desired information and in turn, the chatbot will engage with you in an informative conversation. 

However, to get that informative and meaningful conversation going, there has to be a conversational design approach. This approach could be in multiple languages to cater to the maximum number of people.  So below are the effective design tips to give a human approach to your chatbot. 

1. A catchy welcome 

Namaste! How amazing it is to be greeted upon visiting any store, isnt it? Well, the same should be the case with chatbots. There has to a kickass welcome message which will depict the functionality of the chatbot, the scope (although it is very specific and limited), and set the user expectations. By doing so, the user will get an idea of the things to be expected from the bot and prevent them from asking any irrelevant questions. 

2. Personality 

The personality of the bot is one of the most important characteristics, but the majority of times, it is being ignored. The conversation or chat that is happening in real-time and thus it becomes important to give a tone, voice (either humorous or formal) and a specific look, which makes it more human. Asking the user to fill the chatbot profile at the beginning of the conversational journey will go a long way in fostering a fruitful, engaging and informative conversation. 

3. Interaction Styles 

There is a difference in a way two people react and interact with the same piece of information. Similarly, even chatbots need to have an interesting and unique interaction style. Having text as the only means of communication is passé. You need to think beyond words. To create interaction styles that involve text + images, videos, images, and gifs, etc. This will not only keep the user engaged and hooked, but will also indulge the user in some entertainment. Thus, keeping alive the human aspect of the chatbot. 

4. Navigation 

EDesigning a well thought navigation flow for the chatbot is one of the most critical aspects, as it will define the success or failure of your bot. You need to figure out what will happen in each step of the information journey. Think of all the scenarios and interactions the user will be using, including an incomprehensible interaction by the user, skipping of the steps, going backward, etc and accordingly implement a navigation flow. 

So, as a UX designer, you are already aware of ensuring a design that gives the user enhanced user experience. If the user is disappointed, probably he will not return again. Similarly, even the design structure of the chatbot needs to be user friendly and thereby, ensuring that the user loves interacting. 

The chatbot is a buzzword nowadays and most of the apps and websites will adapt to chatbots sooner or later. So as a UX designer and strategist you need to ensure the conversational design structure is in place for an effective and efficient chatbot.

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Concluding message

A well-designed website for users with disabilities is a site that is more accessible to use for all types of users.

A well-designed digital business can easily explain the process of online buying and selling for users with disabilities and can add more value to the business.

Therefore, add some mint into the users’ cup of tea and provide an accessible zest to your digital assets by making it more compliant.

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