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Are you looking for a user research and design company? You are at the right place. TECHVED offers elaborate research on user experience and design, offering you actionable insights to improve your product performance. Our data-driven insights are the perfect representation of the user’s voice aligned with the business objectives.

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Our User Research Approach

With our detailed user research, we help organizations gain insights into the needs, behavior, patterns, and perspectives of their target audience. To ensure excellent results, our experts choose the right approach for the specific research goals and use a combination of methods for a more comprehensive understanding of the target audience.

Services We Offer

TECHVED is the user research Company in Mumbai - India that provides top-notch Design and usability testing services in a wide range of languages and contemporary technology across the country. Our team also offers UX research helping businesses to enhance their user experience. With our UX strategy businesses can create a better plan and create a lasting impression in the digital space.

By gathering insights directly from users, our user research services help you design a better experience that meets their expectations and drives engagement. Our user research services include:

User Research and Design Company
Profile Target Audience

Defining Goals

We define research goals and objectives for your business in a thorough manner.

Test Script Creation

Identify Target Audience

We gather relevant and actionable insights that truly resonate with your customers.

Recruitment of Respondents

Design And Development

Our development processes are focused on design, delivering exceptional user experience.

Usability Testing with Respondents

Competitor Research

We analyze competitors' products to gain insights into the functions, flows, and design of their products.

Analyzing Insights and Trends

Product Audit

We thoroughly assess products from aesthetics and functional viewpoint to provide suggestions.

Creation of Reports

User Interviews And Surveys

Our approach involves exploring the participants' needs and pain points through various methods.

Interaction Design

Data Analysis

We analyze existing data to identify trends and patterns that indicate potential issues.

We enhance the user experience for our clients

Our User Research Methodologies - Best Practices

Our research methods in UX are designed to help you understand your users, their needs and motivations, and how they interact with your product or service. Our effective methods for the collection of data can help you get an elaborate understanding of the user’s expectations. Our team conducts comprehensive user research using a variety of techniques, such as:

Types Of User Research

User research is an important part of the design process. However, to conduct effective user research a team of experts is needed. It is important to understand the various types of user research to identify the right research method for your business.


This type of research involves interviewing a small group of people to understand their needs and motivations.

mobility solutions


This type of research involves analyzing large amounts of data, including things like surveys or usability tests, to understand what users need and want and how to meet those needs effectively.

mobility solutions

Benefits & Advantages of Conducting User Research

User research is a great way to understand your customers. By surveying the needs and wants of your customers, you can create products that are accurate and effective, as well as better suited to meet the needs of your users. With thorough user research, you find out what your customers want and how they're using your product. It's also a useful tool for refining the design of your product and can help you find ways to make it easier for your users to accomplish tasks.

How do we do it?

  • We understand your customers' needs and desires.
  • We identify areas of improvement.
  • We recommend adjustments through data and insights.
  • We improve the usability and user experience.

Maximize Your User Engagement:

TECHVED is a user research company that helps you identify the gaps in your digital asset's performance and offer you scopes of improvement. At TECHVED we offer a wide range of services for user research which includes interviews, surveys, usability testing, and mockups.

Usability testing consulting company

Clients Trust Us to Deliver Outstanding Results

We're a team of experts with years of experience in user research, and we have an approach that works for everyone-- be it a small business or a large corporation.

We understand that there are many different types of users out there, and we've worked with clients on projects ranging from single-page web apps to large-scale enterprise applications. Our goal is always the same: to help you understand your users better so that you can create something that truly resonates with them.

  • Expertise and experience
  • Data-driven approach
  • User-centered design
  • Collaborative approach

Data-driven Approach

Our team of researchers assist you from pre-research through post-launch--to ensure the right insights and data for your business.


User-centered Design

We'll work with you on creating a plan for each type of research so that it's in line with your goals for a better user experience.


Collaborative Approach

We ensure one-on-one interviews with potential users, through group discussions with current users, all the way up to surveys and other types of research.


Expertise and Experience

Our clients trust us to provide them with the best user research possible .We're committed to helping you get the results you need.

The Importance of Effective User Research

User research is an important part of the UX process, and it can be a crucial part of your product's success. It helps you identify the needs of your users, which will help you create a product that meets those needs. User research also helps you create a better user experience by identifying what features are most important to users and what features they don't care about. This information can help you prioritize features, which increases the likelihood that your product will be successful.

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Why invest in User Research?

  • Understand user needs and preferences
  • Reduces development costs
  • Improves user experience
  • Increases competitiveness
  • Guides decision making
  • Drives innovation

Key Statistics On User Research


of design, problems can be solved by testing with five users


boost in customer satisfaction for companies that conduct user research.


of design, teams spend less than 5% of their time on user research.


of businesses that adopt a user-centered design approach to meet their goal.


of enterprise CEOs see UX & CX as a competitive differentiator.

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Why is user research important in B2B marketing?

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User research methods help B2B businesses gain valuable user insights, user feedback, and data. These insights allow businesses to better understand their target customers, their needs, and their pain points, making it easier to create products, services, and marketing campaigns that resonate with users.
In the research process, businesses can use a variety of research methods such as interviews, surveys, and analytics to gather data essential to create marketing strategies and campaigns. By leveraging the best research methods, B2B businesses can ensure that their products, services, and marketing messages are tailored to the needs of their target audience.

One common pitfall to avoid when using user research services for B2B businesses is relying on a single research method. It's important to use a variety of user research methods, including qualitative methods such as in-depth interviews and usability testing, and quantitative methods such as surveys and analytics, to gain comprehensive insights into the target audience.
Another pitfall is failing to involve stakeholders in the user research process. Stakeholders, such as product managers, designers, and marketers, should be involved in the user research process to ensure that the research findings are actionable and align with the business's goals. Finally, it's essential to avoid confirmation bias by interpreting research findings in a way that aligns with pre-existing assumptions. The purpose of user research is to challenge assumptions and identify insights that can drive innovation and growth.

User research services provide B2B businesses with the data and insights they need to make data-driven decisions. User research methods, such as user interviews, surveys, and analytics, can provide businesses with valuable user insights, feedback, and data. This information can be used to validate assumptions, identify trends, and inform product development and marketing strategies. By leveraging user research methods, B2B businesses can make data-driven decisions bringing positively impact digital products.

When selecting a user research service for a business, several key factors should be considered. First, it's important to choose a research service provider that has experience working with B2B businesses and understands their unique needs and challenges. Second, the research service provider should have a diverse range of user research methods available, including both qualitative and quantitative methods.
Third, the research service provider should have a process for involving stakeholders in the user research process to ensure that the findings are actionable and align with the business's goals. Finally, the research service provider should be able to provide clear, actionable recommendations based on the user research findings.

User research services for businesses can have varying costs depending on the scope of the project, the research methods used, and the size of the service provider. Some services charge a flat fee while others charge hourly rates. The cost also varies based on the type of research, such as user interviews or focus groups. When selecting a provider, it's important to consider their value and compare costs. TECHVED offers cost-effective solutions with actionable insights for businesses.

The speed of delivering a final product in user research services depends on the scope of the project and the research methods being used. It's best to discuss the timeline and deliverables with our team.

TECHVED is a leading user experience design company with over 2 decades of experience in providing user research services to businesses worldwide. We have a team of expert researchers who use a wide range of methods to deliver actionable insights to their clients. TECHVED also offers a cost-effective and flexible approach to user research, with customized solutions tailored to the needs of each business. Additionally, TECHVED has a strong track record of delivering high-quality user research services that drive innovation and growth for our clients. You can have a look at our success stories here: Click Here

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