Enhancing Sports App: Power Of User Research

Improved customer retention and acquisition by conducting qualitative and quantitative user research to increase engagement.



Industry: International sports betting company

Platform: Mobile



User Research & Recommendations | Competitor Analysis | Usability Study

- Client Feedback
The platform is designed keeping the user in mind.
The insights really helped our m-site app with increased engagement and customer satisfaction.

Problem Statement

To understand user needs, browsing behavior, pain points, and suggestions for making play to earn apps more intuitive and user-friendly.


The aim was to find suitable research participants, understand the types of users who seek play to earn and find long-term and short-term engagement.

200+ Users Served
80% App issues solved

Analyzing The Challenges

arvr case study

Overcoming language and geographic barriers for remote users.

arvr case study

Conducting user research where play to earn was considered unethical.

arvr case study

Choose the right respondents for user research to get reliable insights.

arvr case study

Establishing user trust to elicit valuable feedback while maintaining their privacy.

Solutions By TECHVED

Scalpel one
Scalpel one
Scalpel one
Scalpel one

We enlisted a local moderator to aid in the website's localisation and create a website that is more accessible and engaging.

Better Communication


We improved marketing decisions for specific regions with an intuitive UX/UI design based on our research and recommendations.

Improved Strategy & Design


We conduct remote user research to get feedback from users while maintaining their privacy & build trust.

Remote User Research


We helped them find their target audience and participants for user research to improve user satisfaction.

User Centered

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Snippets of Our Solution

TECHVED conducted extensive user research and redesigned the website to meet the needs of its users, resulting in increased engagement and overall user satisfaction.











Our Redefining Impact

The user insights aided in the development of business strategy, UX/UI design, and
marketing decisions.

our work Defined user persona and boost leads on the app
our work Transformed the app with a sleek and intuitive design
our work Unlocked invaluable user insights through local collaboration
our work Improved business strategy, UX/UI, and marketing decisions
our work Increased conversions to perceived new & existing users
our work Boost user engagement and interaction
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