ULIP Simplified: Online Life Insurance Guide

Remote User Research for this leading Insurance firm helped them create an intuitive goal based journey for their customers.






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Remote User Research



Remote User Research

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Problem Statement

To get a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by users while they buy a ULIP plan online. Also, to understand the user behaviour during an online ULIP purchase.

Understanding User Needs and Feedback

  • Motivating the customers to complete the ULIP journey as it had over 140 fields that needed to be filled.
  • Since the participants were from different geographical regions, their language and lingo were all different. Understanding their language and responding accordingly was a little tedious.
  • Extracting accurate and relevant feedback from users virtually, in real-time
  • Understanding the problems and roadblocks users face while buying an Insurance product online.

Moderators analyzing user feedback

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Remote Usability session

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Insights from the session

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Insights About User Behaviour

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We ensured that lockdown did not affect the business plans and continued with Remote User Research and delivered the final report as per client timeline.

On Time Delivery


Getting insights about how comfortable users were while navigating through the SBI Life Insurance journey.

App Usability


We prepared a thorough report of what users felt about the ULIP journey and how easy or complex they found the application or website to be.

User Insight


We provided design and usability solutions to overcome the pain-points users faced when buying an Insurance plan on their platform.

Our Recommendations


Our expertise in the Insurance industry helped understand user problems better and recommend appropriate solutions for best results.

Insurance Specific Solutions

Snippets of Our Report


Our Redefining impact

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Our findings helped SBI Life Insurance get a deeper understanding of what their users feel about their services and products and how user-friendly their application/website is. We also gauged their NPS score with our UX-NPS metrics which helped them understanding their market standing.
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With our in-depth report, this leading Insurance firm understood what their users expected from the brand and what the users perceived the brand to be like. Our solutions and recommendations will help the brand uplift and enhance their website/application for better and not only meet but also exceed user expectations.
our work Reduced clicks for buying Life Insurance
our work Seamless and easy journey
our work Increased CTR
our work Reduction in time required to buy Life Policy online

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