Revamped Hotel Website: Usability Audit & User Journey

Conducted a usability audit and assisted in revamping the website to make it more engaging and user-friendly.



Industry: Travel | Hospitality

Platform: Web & Mobile



Usability Audit

Application Interface
- Client Feedback
Great Work By TECHVED Team!!
TECHVED team conducted a thorough usability audit of our website and their expertise and insights helped us transform our website into a highly engaging and user-friendly platform.

Problem Statement

To identify the primary problem areas that were causing a poor conversion funnel and limiting traffic to their site.


To provide innovative solutions that enhance their online presence and make it more engaging and dynamic.

Challenge faced by

arvr case study

To identify the factors that limit traffic on the website.

arvr case study

There were low conversion rates within the funnel.

arvr case study

To improve the user journey and make it more intuitive & user-friendly.

arvr case study

To enhance the overall engagement and experience on the platform.

Solutions By TECHVED

Scalpel one
Scalpel one
Scalpel one

Our research & insights helped to understand user behavior in order to make website more user-friendly & engaging.

In-depth Research


We identified and addressed the primary problem areas that increased their conversion funnel and online business.

Better Conversion


We understand the design problems in the interface through localization & longitudinal study to provide a seamless user journey.

Culturally Adaptive Design

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Snippets of Our Solution

TECHVED conducted a usability audit for their Thai website and provided solutions to increase traffic while also making it more user-friendly and engaging.







Our Redefining Impact

Perform usability audit & improve interaction on their website

our work Better conversion rate
our work More engaging & user-friendly website
our work Innovative solutions improved their online business.
our work Localization and longitudinal research resulted in a smooth user journey for Thai audiences.
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