Strapi CMS: Streamlining BFSI Content with Agility

Deploy a user-friendly Strapi Headless Content Management System (CMS) to enhance the website, ensure faster deployment and maintain content consistency across all digital assets.



Industry: BFSI

Platform: Website & Mobile




- Client Feedback
The new CMS solution is Impressive!
It's so much easier to manage our content now. We can make quick updates and maintain uniformity across all digital assets, which is very impressive. It's definitely helping us keep our web presence fresh and up-to-date.

Problem Statement

The process of streamlining website content updates relies heavily on developers, leading to prolonged go-live times, a lack of consistency, and significant challenges in making swift content changes.


Implement a user-friendly headless Strapi CMS solution, to efficiently manage website content, accelerating deployment, ensuring content uniformity, and facilitating rapid updates.

Challenge faced by client

Client Challanges

Reliance on developers for any content updates.

Client Challanges

Process to make changes and going live was time-consuming.

Client Challanges

Lack of uniformity and agility in content presentation.

Client Challanges

Increased expenses due to developer involvement.

Client Challanges

Increased chances of content errors during manual updates.

Client Challanges

Limited ability to manage and organize content efficiently.

Client Challanges
Client Challanges
Client Challanges
Client Challanges
Client Challanges
Client Challanges
Client Challanges
Client Challanges

We integrated Strapi CMS, facilitating user-friendly content management, with no developer dependencies.

Reduced Dependency


We streamlined going live process and saved time with seamless content integration.

Improved Performance


We simplify scaling by decoupling content, allowing each to evolve independently as per requirements.



With CMS integration, we ensure easy distribute of content to multiple channels and devices.



As new technologies and devices emerge, a headless CMS can adapt more easily to accommodate changes.



With headless CMS, we empower developers to choose optimal tools & frameworks for rich experiences.

Development Freedom


We simplify content management for multiple regions & languages to boost engagement.

Localization & Globalization


We integrate Strapi's headless CMS with external systems & third-party services, enabling marketing automation.

Easier Integration

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Snippets of Our Solution

TECHVED implemented Strapi Headless CMS to revamp the website and enhance the overall content management & user experience across their digital assets.







Our Redefining Impact

Simplified the content with the Strapi headless CMS solution integration

our work Ensures content uniformity and efficiency
our work Enables seamless scalability across channels
our work Enhances agility for rapid content updates
our work Reduced dependency & deployment time
our work Boosts page loading speed and performance
our work Maximizes cross-platform compatibility
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