Prioritize your chatbot to maximize your business

22 February 2019

Businesses across the globe are shifting the paradigm towards digital transformation. It’s a safe bet that the digital growth in every industry will multifold by 2025. Platforms such as Apps, Websites, Blogs, Social Media Pages and Online Portals have generated billions of dollars globally.

Witnessing many such living proofs comparatively, market researchers have anticipated the integration of Chatbot service as the future of the digital business! “The messaging bots are often ingrained with human-like emotions and are incredibly developed, which is expected to corner the market.”- Neha Modgil, UX Strategist. Approximately, it has covered 30% of domains worldwide such as FMCG, BFSI, Healthcare, IT and many more. Businesses today are operating around the clock with no complaints. Chatbots are famous for their uninterrupted services, which is integrated to stay ahead of the pack.

Christi Olson, head evangelist, of a leading research and advisory company, Gartner, predicts that by 2020 people will have more communications with Chabot’s than their spouses.

Chatbots have great specifications that are comprehensible and less protracted. Chatbots are designed to have humanly conversations with people. They impersonate emotional interactions which gives a sense of assurance to the people interacting with them. Thus making it very comfortable, approachable and user friendly.

It does not merely reply, but also has the following features:

  • Speech to Text
  • Text to Speech
  • Language Recognition
  • Content Expansion
  • Speaker Detection  

It is just a myth that Chatbots take away many jobs. Wherein, on a daily basis, technology is evolving which is leading to more job opportunities in various sectors. Several domains across India are seeking for the employees with technical skills. There are courses that teach Deep Learning and Machine Learning, Internet of Things & Blockchain Technology to the people who wish to stay updated to survive in the industry. There is an online learning platform known as TADcourses which gives in-depth training for futuristic jobs not only in English but in Hindi too! They teach Artificial Intelligence, IOT, User Experience Design, and Blockchain Technology.

There is another myth that Chabots save money, but no! It is cost effective. Colossal brands in the tech world have virtual assistant services such as Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. Chatbots are now used for taking orders, responding to customer needs, simplifying lifestyle, etc.

Brands like Spotify, Pizza Hut and Wall Street Journal have fully adapted the Chatbot technology. They have increased the customer satisfaction level by offering time-consistency in services. These Chatbot systems are, thus, adding value to the brands, helping the users understand the complex requests, personalizing the response and improving interactions over time.

An interactive and attractive Chatbot solution can only be made better with better UX. For instance, if there are a couple of websites, one with poor UX, another with great UX. Which one would you like to interact with?

Of course the better one!

In conclusion

Being in the driver’s seat (UX) for more than a decade now, we see Chatbots as one of the best service for users to experience. Bots have been made with the help of AI technology and have now engrossed many customers. So, prioritizing the Chatbot service for businesses can give a better bounce back!


We’ll keep you updated with more tweaks about Chatbots so stay tuned!!

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