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User Experience Design

Taking a Digital first approach

Current Scenario
Current Scenario - Not Digital

Not Digital

Paper based manual insurance sales

Current Scenario - High cost involved

High cost involved

Manual processes takes more time and cost in achieving the result

Define & Vision
Define & Vision - Define Problems

Define Problems

Discover loopholes in the current process

Define & Vision - Create Vision

Create Vision

Considering the revenues & stakeholders

User Centric Approach
User Centric Approach - Easy Accessibility

Easy Accessibility

Access to information for all types of users 24/7

User Centric Approach - Access to information for all types of users 24/7

Simplification of Process

Step by step guidance at every step of user journey

Adopting - The Big Data

The Big Data

Manage & Maintain core systems of customers record

Adopting - Automated Strategy

Automated Strategy

Create business strategies which self evolve

Basic Digital
Basic Digital - Direct Reach

Direct Reach

Sales websites direct to customer or agent based

Basic Digital - Online Servicing

Online Servicing

Online policy servicing helps with faster conversions

Basic Digital - Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Reach out the maximum customer base with funneling the right intent

Basic Digital - Communication With Parthers

Communication With Parthers

Electronic messaging with partners

Advance Digital
Advance Digital - Form Ecosystem

Form Ecosystem

Strategies and create integrated partner Ecosystem

Advance Digital - Omni Channel Routingg

Omni Channel Routing

Online comparison, 3rd party integration, legacy systems (voice, e-mail, chat, chat bot,etc.)

Advance Digital - Case Tracking Capabilities

Case Tracking Capabilities

Online comparision, 3rd party integration, legacy systems (voice, e-mail, chat, chat bot,etc.)

Extreme Digital
Extreme Digital - Form Ecosystem


Strategies and create integrated partner Ecosystem

Extreme Digital - Omni Channel Routingg

One Touch Sales

Define and simplify process to optimise quick sales

Extreme Digital - Case Tracking Capabilities

Zero Paper

Complete reduction in manual processes

How we do it

Digital Transformation Enablers

With our unique solutions, our clients have a great conversion rate along with an increased customer satisfaction ratio.

We enhance the user experience for our clients
Strategic UX

AI/Big Data

We harness the power of data and enable future strategies to implement change for competitive advantage and improve the overall performance of businesses.

Product Innovation

Mobile Enterprise Solution

We bring solutions to enhance your business capabilities backed by strong domain expertise and robust mobile strategy.

Content Strategy

Internet of Things

We define, build and run an appropriate IoT ecosystem after a thorough understanding of business and their needs.

UX/UI Design

Cloud Computing

Our recommendations ensure an innovative synergy between security, compliance an business needs.

Interaction Design

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

With innovative futuristic development strategies we help businesses always stay ahead.

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Our clients take pride in working with us

With our extensive knowledge we strategically design digital products to transform businesses.

This is how we achieve it

  • Digital Innovation
  • Product Design
  • Commercialisation

Digital Innovation

  • Examine and invent a future vision
  • Empathise with end users
  • Create new ways to satisfy future needs
  • Bring the ideas to life visually.

Product Design

  • Define the product and service experience with possible offerings
  • Test the experience
  • Focus on the core features
  • Develop the functional prototype
  • Define the implementation of the blueprint


  • Mobilize the ecosystem
  • Enable a learning system
  • Build required organisational capabilities

Why is it Important?

The pace of digital change is rising rapidly, increasing the need for innovative digital solutions.

Organizations are under ever increasing pressure to enhance their digital assets as technology has taken over the world. Users always look for a good customer service experience across all touch points, hence, businesses are constantly strategizing road maps to enhance their digital assets.

Why invest in Digital Transformation?

  • Improved user experience and engagement
  • More efficiency
  • Enhanced decision making
  • Improved innovation
  • Transformed businesses

Did you know?

Less than30%

of the technology vendors of organizations have become active partners in their digital transformation enterprises.

Mobile Visits

IDC estimates40%

of all technology spending will go toward digital innovations, with enterprises spending up to $2 trillion.

Users make their first impression


cite that the workforce is extremely important in supporting their digital transformation strategy.

Users agreed with the statement

Source: PTC

Delivering digital solutions to global brands for over a decade

Have a look at businesses we have transformed with our innovative solutions

Have a glimpse of businesses we have transformed

Scalpel - Cipla Pharmaceutical

Platform for surgeons to learn and grow

Digital Transformation & UX/UI Design | Mobile | Health Care & Pharmaceuticals

Working with TECHVED has been a real pleasure. They really understood my needs as a client & were fantastic in understanding the needs of our customers.

- Mayank Sharma (Founder and CEO)

Angel Bee

One stop wealth management app.

UX/UI Design | Web & Mobile | Finance

Working with TECHVED has been a real pleasure. They really understood my needs as a client & were fantastic in understanding the needs of our customers.

- Mayank Sharma (Founder and CEO)

Scalpel - Cipla Pharmaceutical

Platform for surgeons to learn and grow

Digital Transformation & UX/UI Design|Mobile|Health Care & Pharmaceuticals

Angel Bee

App for managing investments & goals

UX/UI Design|Web & Mobile|Finance

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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of utilizing digital technologies to create new or modify existing, business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet the changing market trends and requirements. This reinvention of business in the digital age is digital transformation.

Digital transformation can be defined as the speeding up of business activities, processes and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities. In fact, digital transformation itself is business transformation. Some prefer to use the term digital technology and its influence in a strategic and prioritized way. Digital business transformation is more in line with the business aspect of the transformation. These transformations are influenced by the following factors: innovation, technology, customer behavior and demand and external environmental factors.

Like anything in business, there is no guaranteed method to ensure total success. However, when it comes to digital transformation, the best results come from a strategic step-by-step process. According to a new research by the Altimeter Group, in co-operation with the world’s leading brands, there are six stages along with a maturity model for a purposeful and advantageous digital transformation: Business as Usual: Organizations operate with a familiar legacy perspective of customers, processes, metrics, business models, and technology, believing that it remains the solution to digital relevance. Present & Active: Experimentation drives digital literacy and creativity, albeit disparately, throughout the organization while aiming to improve and amplify specific touchpoints and processes.Formalized: Make experimentation intentional to drive initiatives that are bolder and seek executive support for new resources and technology.Strategic: Recognize the strength in collaboration as their research, work, and shared insights contribute to new strategic roadmaps that plan for digital transformation. Converged: The formation of a dedicated digital transformation team to guide strategy and operations based on business and customer-centric goals. Innovative & Adaptive: Digital transformation becomes a way of business and a new environment and culture is established to identify and act upon technology and market trends in pilot and, eventually, at scale.

Digital transformation helps to

1. Streamline the process

2. Improve customer experience

3. Build better customer relationships

4. Provide more flexibility and efficiency

5. Create scope for further development

6. Increase speed to market

7. Empower the workforce

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