Fast Food’s Virtual Realms:
A Metaverse Innovation

Transformed food-chain experience for a more immersive and virtual experience and increased new-age adoption.



Industry: Fast Food Chain

Platform: Web 3.0



3D Design & Metaverse Development

- Product Manager
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Problem Statement

To bridge the experience gap & provide virtual accessibility for users that elevate the physical experience to immersive.


To provide an immersive real-time experience and to make it easy for users to access and interact in the virtual environment.

Project Challenges

arvr case study

To ensure that the platform is simple, intuitive & engaging.

arvr case study

To create a similar experience for users that they experience in real world.

arvr case study

To overcome technical problem such as connectivity and interoperability

arvr case study

Improve digital strategy to acquire new customers & post sales services

Solutions By TECHVED

Scalpel one
Scalpel one
Scalpel one
Scalpel one

We created the complete space from scratch with digital assets like land, items, buildings and avatars for the outlet.

Space Creation


From interior space designing to digital architects we re-imagine the entire space that goes beyond being cool & compelling.

Interior Designing


Provide virtual accessibility to enhance customer reach & offer real-time experience for those who can't be physically present.

Increased Reach


We consult and enhance virtual world creation, improving experiences, landscapes, assets, and opportunities.

Metaverse Consultation

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TECHVED created a space in Metaverse that sparked a lot of buzz, improved customer experiences from physical to virtual and brought new-age adoption.







Our Redefining Impact

Established a new dimension & immersive real-time experience for users

  • Attracts new-generation consumers and increases revenue.
  • Brings real-time physical store experience to the users in the virtual world.
  • Increases profitability and expands the brand's reach beyond the actual store.
  • Created more opportunities to communicate and increase ease of access & availability for users.
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Increased Brand Awareness

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Expanded Market Reach

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Acquisition Improved

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Increased User Engagement

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