Instabiz Transformation: Boosting UX & Conversion in Corporate Banking

Revamped corporate Internet Banking Instabiz portal for a diverse persona, providing a seamless user experience across the business vertical and enhancing conversions.



Industry: BFSI

Platform: Website | Mobile



Digital Transformation | UX/UI Design

- Client Feedback
Extremely satisfied with the TECHVED team's work.
The successfully integrated all business modules onto a single platform, delivering a unique user experience across all business verticals

Problem Statement

To revamp and digitalize entire corporate internet banking across the business verticals, to provide better adoption and increase transaction.


To transform the current portal & many offline modules into a single unified digitalize platform to provide unique experience for better adoption.

5+ Business Verticals
80% Better Conversions

Analyzing The Challenges

arvr case study

To integrate multiple business modules within a single platform.

arvr case study

Ensure compliance requirements are met in the design and development process & and address technical feasibility.

arvr case study

Making a complete transformation of the manual journey into a digital journey.

arvr case study

Managing B2B customer’s expectations into real outline, in light of the regulatory bodies.

Solutions By TECHVED

Scalpel one
Scalpel one
Scalpel one
Scalpel one
Scalpel one

We digitised & developed a single platform with all features & modules for corporate users across various business verticals.

Unified Platform


We created an engaging and interactive experience to make the user transaction faster and increase engagement.

Intuitive UX UI


Implement Design System Management to digitalize the entire platform

Design System Management


We designed and developed user centric flows, keeping business use cases and regulatoryguidelines in mind.

Customer user journey


We offered a better engagement and quicker understanding with Conversational content.

Conversational Content

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Snippets of Our Solution

TECHVED improved the user experience of the Corporate Internet Banking portal by revamping it to be more interactive, transnational and engaging across all business verticals.









Our Redefining Impact

Transformed the entire platform to operate internet banking through a unified platform, for better engagement and transnational user experience.

our work Higher adoption rates and potential revenue growth
our work Longer user session times
our work Increased transaction rates
our work Improved customer satisfaction and engagement
our work Created a unique Design Management System
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