Principles of UX - Things you can not miss out on !

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Jay Anthony

24 January 2016 8 min read

Principles of UX - Things you can not miss out on !

Users look into any product or service expecting a level of honesty from its developers. Things that are introduced should do what they are expected to do, behave and allow users to swiftly use them. 

When the principles of UX are implemented well, it shows how well a designer understands the users. And here are some vital UX principles that cannot be neglected. Take a look! 

Experience through design 

Experience isn’t created by the designers. Instead, they mould an artefact through compelling designs that gives the users a whole new experience. Experience is slightly prejudiced and a design cannot be made to please every eye in the same way. A website design isn’t a physical product where the user will have similar views within a single glance. However, that does not imply that the framework cannot be designed for people to experience a specific service. By creating a rock-solid framework, gaining better user experiences will be quite common. 

Have a Holistic approach 

User experience is not a matter of fact anymore. It is more, much more! It is just like the butter which saves your cookie from crumbling. Having a holistic approach towards designing will keep your users from walking away! Imagine you buying a dress to wear for the evening. You love the colour and the way it accentuates your body curves. But then, your friends do not like the dress as much as you do. You can never really ignore their opinion if you dress to impress! Of course, not all things can be designed the same way, but the level of perception is always the same. 

Don’t go all mumbo-jumbo 

Always be sure about the things you are going to do to keep the users delighted. When you are profound, the design will reflect it quite surreally. And when this happens, users will have great experience and they will forget to notice the amount of brainstorming that the designers have gone through! This is how it should be. As UX professionals, one should be so successful that everyone keeps mum and hardly have a difference of opinion. 

Create a biorhythm with UX 

People take time to settle to a certain way of looking at things. Rome was not built in a day, they say. So, nothing is going to happen gradually. There has to be a certain plan through which user experience has to be provided. Create awareness about the product/ service, build something for a single use and gradually lure the users towards it. Some may continue using the product and some may even decline it. However, the steps used followed for creating a commendable user experience, needs patience, a lot of patience! 

Content was the king until context stole the show! 

We have reached an era where creating a particular product and its content is easier. However, the missing piece is the “context”. How do we even know that our creation is going to fit into the lives of users perfectly? Discovering the A to Z of context is what UX professionals do and it gives them an idea about all their users. The subtlety of context works just like the domino effect. If one piece goes missing, the entire trail falls apart. 

Keeping things under control 

Having no control over your design deeds and execution is a sign of an amateur. If people get carried away, they won’t have a splendid time. Being under control does not mean you cannot surprise your users. Users should feel that they own a particular website. They can continue to move ahead or leave the website as per their will. 

UX is a community, socialize with it 

Gone are the days when an individual had solo affair with the computer. The infamous task was to exchange emails and shut down the mighty device. We aren’t dealing with a solo person any longer, there are social lives involved! Not only the personal behaviour but social behaviours when a person explores from private to an unrestricted space has to be dealt with sobriety. By this it means that, every shade of typography will affect the user behaviour in a different way, so make sure that it is incorporated wisely. 

Create a psychological edge 

Software, these days, can be used without any hassles. Therefore, users will opt for the one that has a psychological touch to it. This simply means that designers will have to dig deeper than just “prima facie” into - use, play, adopt and interact.< 

UX is a synonym for marketing 

Building conversation through UX is essential and this works just like marketing. As professionals, engaging in a dialog with the users with a goal to help them in doing what they want to do is essential. UX is no one-off product that keeps changing as per the user’s needs. It’s rather a service that understands the way it has to reach the audience and let them explore. 

Finally, a Midas’ touch! 

You can finally add a touch of simplicity with clarity and something that seems less difficult for the people to use. If you achieve this, then your design is the way it has to be! As cliched as it sounds, simple is never easy to design. 


UX is all about defining the boundaries of user experience by keeping things relatively simple. Be it design, content or the swiftness in navigation, everything should be well executed and simplify things for the users.

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Concluding message

A well-designed website for users with disabilities is a site that is more accessible to use for all types of users.

A well-designed digital business can easily explain the process of online buying and selling for users with disabilities and can add more value to the business.

Therefore, add some mint into the users’ cup of tea and provide an accessible zest to your digital assets by making it more compliant.

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