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Driving Digital Success Through UX NPS

UX NPS is a patented research technique that evaluates your digital assets on many key parameters. We provide a detailed report that tracks your scores quarterly and compares them to competitors, facilitating informed decisions for optimizing user experiences. Our service also includes expert suggestions and recommendations, making UX NPS the go-to solution for continuous improvement.

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UX NPS Methodology

We implement the DUSCAN approach to conduct a thorough assessment of your UX Net Performance Score, guaranteeing a comprehensive evaluation and optimization of the user experience.The key parameters we consider to evaluate the performance and experience scores:



Enhance system discoverability by optimizing the presentation of information using icons, text, and UI elements.



Enhance user experience by ensuring that users can easily accomplish tasks within the system.



Measure and enhance system usefulness based on user recommendations to friends and family.



Establish trustworthiness in terms of information and transactions within the system.



Create an attractive overall look and feel for the platform to captivate users and increase engagement.



Ensure users can easily find what they seek within the system through effective navigation strategies.

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We prioritise a user-centric approach, tailoring our services to meet specific goals and objectives. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of UX NPS trends and methodologies ensures that our clients consistently gain access to the latest insights and strategies, delivering ongoing benefits. With UX NPS, we offer a comprehensive package of expertise, precision, strategic guidance, and a track record of success that enables them to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
  • Benchmark Experience
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Platform Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Continuous Feedback Collection
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Benchmark Experience

We evaluate your digital performance against industry standards to identify areas for improvement and excellence.

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Competitive Landscape

We provide a comprehensive analysis of your competitors, helping you stay ahead in your market.

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Platform Analysis

We assess your digital platform to optimise functionality and user experience by comparing demographic, psychographic & geographic factors.

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Trend Analysis

We provide long-term trend analysis of NPS scores, to monitor UX performance, identify improvements & provide recommendations based on strategic decision making.

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Continuous Feedback Collection

We implement mechanisms for collecting user feedback and NPS scores consistently to ensure continuous iteration and real-time improvements.

Why Is It Important?


Boosts digital presence


Pinpoints digital asset performance


Drives strategic decisions


Compares with competitors


Offers expert recommendations


Research-backed accuracy

What Stats Say


of mobile users will leave a website if they are frustrated with the navigation.


of users believe that a beautiful/updated appearance on a website is a must.


of consumers judge a site’s credibility based on how it looks.


of customers trust recommendations from known people, as NPS examines the likelihood of recommendations.


of the companies, each with 100+ customer experiences, use NPS to compare.

Source: slideshare, searchenginewatch, retailingtoday

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What is UX-NPS?

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UX-NPS, short-form for User Experience Net Performance Score, is a proprietary offering from TECHVED Consulting, patented for assessing user behavior and satisfaction using a specialized survey methodology.

UX-NPS employs a thorough survey with ten specific questions where users rate their experiences against different parameters when interacting with digital products.

UX-NPS assesses user experience across six parameters: Discoverability, Usability, Satisfaction, Credibility, Appearance, and Navigation.

The six parameters provide a 360-degree view of the user experience, enabling precise improvements and the delivery of exceptional digital experiences. Businesses that leverage these parameters can drive growth, enhance their reputation, and secure customer loyalty.

UX-NPS is essential for businesses as it help you enhances the user experience, boosts conversion and retention rates, and drives higher customer satisfaction. It also elevates brand reputation and fosters positive recommendations, fueling business growth and success.

It is recommended to conduct UX-NPS surveys quarterly. This routine assessment proactively tracks user experiences, providing timely insights for informed decisions and ongoing improvements in user satisfaction. However, it can also be conducted as needed or after major product or service updates

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