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We plan, design and develop wearables that not only function smoothly but also deliver a commendable user experience.

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Wearable Design Services

Wearable devices are one of the most used technology. They have been the buzzword in the tech industry towards various companies offering their own wearable devices. Our team of skilled engineers continues to strive & provide you with the best wearable UI design services.We are skilled at enhancing your wearable project with features such as the shortest form factor, longer battery life, thermal management, miniaturization, voice recognition, and multi-board designs.

We design digital assets for our clients

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We enhance the user experience for our clients
UX/UI Research

UX/UI Research

We provide best in quality UX designs for our clients to always excel in business.

Information Architecture

UI Visual Design

We create visuals that are aesthetically appealing and intuitive.

UX/UI Design Strategy

UX/UI Design Strategy

We have a strategic methodology and approach to create efficient designs and user experiences.



To understand the usability of the product, we create efficient prototypes.

Creative Direction

Creative Direction

Our creative team is always brainstorming for new ideas and strategies.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

We have a well-structured content strategy to cater to user needs and client requirements.

Interaction Design

Interaction Design

We create designs with flawless interactions for a seamless user experience.

Design Specification Documents

Design Specification Documents

We create design specification documents for development teams to refer to.

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Our Solution for Wearable Design

We provide a wide range of solutions, including Health monitoring, Fitness monitoring, Smart Pebble Wearable Watch, Air Quality Monitoring Wristband, and rich features. These solutions provide features such as real-time alerts and quick notification management.

What makes us unique?

  • Offer complete design service solutions
  • Technical experts & professionals
  • 360-degree wearable app development
  • Provide sensor integration
  • Wearables with wireless connectivity

TECHVED Wearable User Interface Design Services

To create intuitive, non-intrusive wearable devices like the smart gear watches, we use web-native languages like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS.

App Integration for Wearable Devices

To ensure full functionality, our expert developers create cutting-edge wearable device application solutions and perform dependable seamless integration with numerous data layer APIs.

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App Infrastructure for Wearable Devices

To build a dependable back-end infrastructure for your wearables, we use cloud-based data storage and processing tools such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

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Wearable Technology App User Interface/UX Design

With intuitive enclosure designs, our professional wearable device app designers balance the computing power of the wearable device with desired usability and functionality.

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Embedded Software in Wearable Devices

Our engineers create UI that allows wearables to collect and send data sets to the cloud, as well as interact with other tailored firmware and middleware.

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Our clients take pride in working with us

We have thoroughly researched and understood the specifications of wearables. Based on our extensive knowledge about this platform we design and develop innovative modern-day solutions to meet user needs and requirements.

  • Seamless Interactions
  • Increased User Engagement

Seamless Interactions

Without compromising the user experience, we make sure our designed interactions are smooth across different devices.


Increased User Engagement

With our extensive knowledge in this field, we create intuitive designs to keep users engaged.

Wearable App UI/UX Design

We specialize in creating innovative and feature-rich user interfaces for all wearable devices. As a prestigious Wearable App UI design company backed by an ambitious team of talented Wearable App Developers, we create user interfaces that are visually appealing and provide engaging experiences.

Why is it Important?

In this digital era, wearables have become a trend amongst people of all age groups. From fitness calculator bands to smart watches, they are all in great demand. It is very essential to have smart and intuitive designs and interactions for wearables as the demand for them is growing rapidly.

Why invest in Wearables?

  • Used by millions of people on a day-to-day basis
  • It is the future of technology
  • The demand for them is rising

Did you know?

1 Year

310.4M wearable devices were sold worldwide in 1 year, generating a total of $30.5BN in revenue.

$30.5BN in revenue


By 2020, smart eyewear will account for 40% of total revenue of the wearables market.

Smart eyewear


billion by 2021 is expected to be the market growth for wearables.

Market growth

Source: /www.smartinsights.com/digital-marketing-strategy/wearables-statistics-2017/

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What is wearable technology?

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“Wearable technology”, “wearables”, “fashion technology” or “fashion electronics” are smart electronic devices that can be incorporated into clothing or worn on the body as accessories. The reason for this technology is to create a smooth, hands-free access to devices and computers.

Yes, we do design and develop wearable device software.

A wearable computing device is an electronic device that can be worn on the body, for example, smart wrist watches and fitness trackers.

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