DevOps Services: Achieve Faster and Reliable Software Delivery

Unlock the full potential of your software development process with our DevOps services. Seamlessly integrate development and operations, accelerate deployment, and ensure continuous innovation. Embrace efficiency, agility, and quality in every line of code.


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Driving Excellence in DevOps

At TECHVED, we are committed to reshaping the software development paradigm. We operate in perfect sync, enabling swift and secure application delivery. Our expertise paves the way for automation, seamless integration, and rapid deployment, all while upholding the highest standards of quality and security. We specialize in establishing transparent and agile software delivery cycles, elevating solution quality, and fostering collaboration among cross-functional teams, accelerating your business toward success.

Explore Our DevOps Offerings

We're your dedicated partners in the journey towards efficient and effective DevOps practices, ready to tailor our services to your unique needs. With our expertise you can achieve automation, improve code quality and bolster security, all while fostering innovation.

DevOps Offerings

Strategic Planning & Assessment

We strategically map the DevOps journey, tailoring the plan to your needs, ensuring lasting success

DevOps Offerings

Efficient Software Building

Our experts create robust, scalable solutions that expedite development & boost productivity

DevOps Offerings

Seamless Integration

With us, your development & operations integrate effortlessly, fostering collaboration & software stability

DevOps Offerings

Rigorous Testing

We offer comprehensive testing strategies, guaranteeing bug-free, high-performance software

DevOps Offerings

Code-Quality Excellence

We enforce rigorous code-quality checks, ensuring your software adheres to the industry's highest standards

DevOps Offerings

Reliable Deployment

Deployment becomes swift and reliable with our expertise, enabling seamless updates and feature releases

DevOps Offerings

CI/CD Pipeline

We optimize applications through a CI/CD pipeline, ensuring automated, code delivery & swift deployment

DevOps Offerings

Continuous Monitoring

We provide continuous monitoring and address issues in real-time to enhance application performance

Your DevOps Journey Starts Here

Our DevOps process is the roadmap to software success, offering end-to-end solutions to elevate your journey.



Assessment and Strategy



Continuous Integration and Build

Web Design Process



Web development process



Web development process



Web development process





Feedback-Driven Improvement

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Our clients take pride in working with us

We have tailored DevOps strategies that optimised the workflows, heightened productivity, and fostered a culture of innovation within the organizations. Our solutions have specific requirements that maintain a competitive edge in the respective industries. This serves as a driving force behind our commitment to continuous improvement, innovation, and the consistent delivery of excellence.
  • Accelerated Software Delivery
  • Improved Collaboration and Efficiency
  • Enhanced Quality Assurance
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance
  • Cost Reduction and Resource Efficiency
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
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Accelerated Software Delivery

We streamline your software delivery pipeline, ensuring faster and more efficient deployment of code.

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Improved Collaboration and Efficiency

We foster collaboration among your teams, boosting productivity and seamless integration between development and operations.

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Enhanced Quality Assurance

Through rigorous testing and automation, we guarantee higher software quality, reducing the risk of costly errors and delays.

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Enhanced Security and Compliance

We implement robust security measures and ensure compliance with industry standards, safeguarding your software and data.

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Cost Reduction and Resource Efficiency

We help you optimise resource allocation, reducing operational costs while maintaining top-notch software performance.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Our DevOps processes help you make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement in your software development.

Importance of DevOps

Why invest in DevOps?

Why invest in DevOps?

Faster & efficient software deployment

Why invest in DevOps?

Optimization of

Why invest in DevOps?

Reduced operational expenses

Why invest in DevOps?

Easy adaptation to
business requirements

Why invest in DevOps?

Robust security measures and compliance

Why invest in DevOps?

Informed decision-making based on data insights

Why invest in DevOps?

Faster time-to-market & sharper competitive edge

Our DevOps Toolset

Our DevOps Toolset


Our DevOps Toolset

Version Control

Our DevOps Toolset

Continuous Integration

Our DevOps Toolset

Build and Packaging

Our DevOps Toolset

Artifact Management

Our DevOps Toolset


Our DevOps Toolset

Monitoring and

What Stats Say


of the organizations say they had a positive impact post-implementing DevOps.


of the businesses quoted that DevOps produce higher-quality deliverables.


of IT decision-makers reported implementing DevOps unlocked higher business value


less time is spent handling support cases with DevOps.


saw business benefits in automating security and compliance, a DevOps core principle.

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What is DevOps, and why do I need it?

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DevOps is a methodology that bridges the gap between software development and IT operations, enabling faster, more efficient software delivery. You need it to improve collaboration, speed up deployments, and enhance software quality.

DevOps streamlines workflows, automates tasks, and fosters collaboration, resulting in quicker, error-free deployments and improved software quality. To know more about our process, you can contact to our experts.

We leverage a range of industry-leading tools like Travis CI, Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, GitHub Actions and many more to automate tasks, ensuring seamless and efficient processes.

You can anticipate benefits such as faster time-to-market, cost savings, enhanced security, and increased team efficiency, all contribute to a competitive edge in your industry. To know more, contact us now!

DevOps principles are adaptable and beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can gain efficiency, reliability, and competitiveness through DevOps practices, tailored to their specific needs.

The timeline varies based on your existing processes and the scope of DevOps implementation. However, many organizations experience noticeable improvements in software delivery speed and quality within a few months of adopting DevOps practices.

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