Personalized Chatbot For Top Insurance Company

We built a personalized mobile Chatbot experience for the unique Home Insurance product with a seamless user journey specially made for the Indian audience.






Android & iOS


Digital Transformation, UX/UI Design Strategy, Content Strategy, Chatbot



Digital Transformation, UX/UI Design Strategy, Content Strategy, Chatbot

Feroz Qureshi

- Senior Marketing Executive

ISO 9001-2015


It was a good experience with TECHVED. They were very helpful and the team was very co-operative.

our work
our work

Problem Statement

To introduce the new concept and create a user friendly buying journey for the target audience. Also, to create a unique and human like bot for the app.


To create a one-stop shop for the existing users ( South Indian, domestic, and NRI users ) increase the traffic on the application, enhance the overall.

200+ Users served
80% App issues solved

Understanding business eco-system and users need

  • 1. As this was a new concept for the Indian audience, we had to get an in-depth insight of their expectations.
  • 2. To create an interactive and engaging conversational flow for the Chatbot for an Insurance platform.
  • 3. To breakthrough the traditional Chatbot interaction and create a unique human like bot.
  • 4. To create an intuitive interface for the buying journey of Home Insurance with its amenities like electronics, jewellery etc.
  • 5. To integrate this interface in their existing app.


our work


our work


our work

We pinned down required remedy for business and users

RGI app one
RGI app two
RGI app three
RGI app four
solution icon

We created an intuitive Chatbot flow to keep the users engaged and maintain the conversation.

Conversational Flow

solution icon

We understood the client requirements and user needs and created a guided easy to use and seamless journey for users.

Simplified User Journey

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With our expertise, we minimized the number of steps for users to reach the end goal on the app.

Minimized the Steps

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We redesigned the form-filling process for the app to ensure the entire journey is quick & mobile and bot friendly.

Innovative Form-filling

Check out the Creative & Innovative Solutions

Digital first approach along with process complexities posed as a challenge which was solved by TECHVED

RGI chatbot app one
RGI chatbot app two
RGI chatbot app three
RGI chatbot app four
RGI chatbot app five
RGI chatbot app six

Our Redefining impact

This insurance app turned out to be a one-stop app for all insurance needs

  • Simplified the entire user journey
  • Ehanced customer satifaction
  • increasing app traffic and app transactions multifold.
  • Highly engaging, significantly reducing the drop out rate.
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1 Lakh +
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