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What is Video Banking Solutions & Services?

Video Banking Services is streamlined methods between the bank and its customers. Video banking Solutions and services uses live video technology through which a financial advisor or bankers to connect with the customer instantly. Through video connection and digital channel the customer interact with a human advisor remotely.

We design the best Video Banking services for our clients

With the latest technology, our expert professionals create the best solutions for financial services to help you give your customers a never like before experience and make the entire banking journey seamless and hassle-free for them.

We enhance the user experience for our clients
Strategic UX

Account Transfers

Safe and secure online account transfers to help you manage your funds from anywhere at any given time.

Product Innovation

Bill Payments

Easy and quick payment of bills with just a few clicks helps give users a good experience with the brand.

Content Strategy

Account Inquiries

Get complete assistance for any online banking needs from experts within minutes.

UX/UI Design

Process New Accounts

Open and close accounts with just a few easy steps and avoid the lengthy procedures.

Interaction Design

Customer Authentication

Complete safety of customers with the best technological advancements to ensure your customers have a secure and stress free banking experience.

Interaction Design

HNI personalized service

Our experts highly personalized stock recommendations services to keep clients up-to-date at all times.

Interaction Design

Stock Broking

We ensure that customers make effective investing decisions through our extensive experience in buying and selling stocks.

User Experience Testing

Apply for New Card

With video banking, you may quickly apply for a new debit/credit card online.

User Experience Testing

Banking Inquiries

Get assistance for all banking inquiries at your fingertips instantly.

User Experience Testing

Process New Loans

Manage your paperwork and apply for new loans seamlessly with expert guidance.

User Experience Testing

Consult with Banking Experts

Get a resolution for all your queries directly from banking experts and know everything you need to know about online banking procedures.


Features of Video Banking

We provide Video Banking solutions to help you simplify your digital banking services and ensure that your users have an easy and smooth experience throughout their journey.

  • Video Banking anywhere anytime
  • In-branch services on fingertips
  • Complete safety of information
  • Credit Union recognized and acclaimed Video Banking

Building The Next-Gen Banking Experience

Transform key banking processes and redefine the overall banking experience for customers. Deliver the best customer experience by optimizing the entire banking journey.


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TECHVED Video Banking services have been designed for financial institutions with strict infosec regulations in place. Data security and customer information safety is given utmost importance to keeping in mind the banking domain requirements.

With a vision to bring millions of customers on-board for video KYC, this Video Banking service is in sync with SEBI regulations. We are all set to provide this service after RBI has acknowledged it in 2020. This is the ultimate solution for smooth and seamless Video Banking services.

Account opening through video KYC


Account opening through video KYC

Account opening is now easy, fast, and efficient through AI-based video authentication.

  • Lead generation with CRM
  • Profile building
  • Real Time Document Verification
  • Real Time Video KYC
  • Schedule Appointment
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Why is Video Banking in India Important?

With ever changing trends, users now seek the comfort of managing their banking needs as per their convenience.

Give your users the ease and comfort of managing their account and funds with complete security of data. Customers are constantly seeking for new technological advancements in banking to avoid lengthy and time consuming procedures. Video Banking services not only enables users to manage their account anytime but also gives them the flexibility to make transactions, process new accounts etc. without visiting the bank in person.

Investing in Video Banking will get you:

  • Hassle-free account opening facility
  • Flexibility of users managing their account without visiting the bank
  • Reduces cost to company
  • Increases customer satisfaction

Did you know?


of senior executives agree that if both, text and video are available on the same topic, they prefer watching the video.

Mobile Visits

Source: forbes


increase is seen in customer satisfaction level with video banking services.

Users make their first impression

Source: thefinancialbrand


online video banking users said that they would be willing to use video banking services again.

Users agreed with the statement

Source: thefinancialbrand


Here is Why You Should Select TECHVED Video Banking Services

Smart strategic implementation is very important to achieve

  • Rich conversions
  • Continuous technological upgrades
  • Continuous regulatory compliance updates
  • Customizations as per brand requirements
  • Multi-lingual content
  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • Banking facility at fingertips
  • Instant money transfer
  • Account security guaranteed

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What is Video Banking?

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Video Banking is a term used to enable people to manage their bank account and transactions with the help of a stable online connection. This allows people to be in their comfort zone and handle everything related to their bank account and saves them the hassle of visiting bank branches to make transactions, transfer funds, open new accounts, process loans etc.

Remote Banking is a facility banks offer to their customers where there is no particular place or branch customers have to visit, however, banking needs can still be fulfilled with the use of modern technology and internet in most cases. This allows the bank to connect with users and resolve their queries without having any in person contact with the customer. This makes it easy for customers too as they save time and can get a solution for their banking needs at their fingertips.

There are many benefits of adopting Video banking some of them include:

  • Powerful customer Support
  • VB helps you to build customer rapport & Trust
  • Convenient and friendly support on the go to the customer
  • Video banking brings clarity
  • Helps you to provide face to face help via online and many more

Face to face banking is a simple term which means that customers can connect with banking representatives through video calls and manage their account seamlessly and enjoy using the financial services seamlessly. It is observed that customers find this banking facility very trustworthy and are comfortable having video calls with bank representatives at their convenience instead of visiting the bank branch in person and having any physical contact with bank representatives to resolve their queries.

Different banks have different procedures to activate remote banking services. Depending on the bank you have your account in and their guidelines you can easily activate this service and enjoy the benefits seamlessly. Since this service is very user-friendly it is made in such a way that users can easily download it, activate it and continue to use it. This service is primarily made to enhance the overall customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Yes, video banking facilities are completely safe and secured. Every transaction and activity done through video banking is thoroughly monitored and a track record is maintained to avoid any unauthorized transactions. Interfaces are combined with banking compliances to ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to security of customers and bank details.

Banks are financial institutions for profit companies like any other financial institutions that offer personal banking /products and services to the public, banks make money by making loans and charging certain fees. However, a credit union is very similar to a bank, but is more like a non-profit financial cooperative. This means that it is owned by internal members of its own and no shareholder from outside the firm is authorized to make decisions regarding anything related to the firm. Like banks, credit unions charge interest and fees, but they are much lower than other financial institutions. In order to join a credit union, one must meet its membership requirements and criteria, which could require you to live in a particular area or work in a particular profession or for a specific employer.

Online banking, sometimes referred to as Internet banking, allows you to access your accounts and make certain transactions using a computer and Internet connection. Most financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, lenders and investment companies, offer online banking. There are even banks that offer only online accounts. You can set up your current checking/savings accounts for online banking, or you can open a new account online.

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