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We Help You Understand Your Customers Better

TECHVED knows that user research is a critical part of building a great product. That's why we're here to assist organizations to gain valuable insights into the needs, behaviors, and perspectives of their target audience. We understand that every research goal and constraint is unique, which is why we tailor our approach to fit your specific needs. By combining various research methods, we help you get a more comprehensive understanding of your customers.

Services That Improve Your User Experience

We offer user research services that help you design a better experience for your customers. By gathering insights directly from users, we can work together to create a product that meets their expectations and keeps them engaged. Our user research services include:

Discover Your Users' Needs with Our Research Methods

Our research methodologies will help to understand your users and what they need from your product or service. We've got a variety of methods to collect the data we need, like in-person surveys, focus groups, and interviews. Our team is here to conduct comprehensive user research using a variety of techniques, such as:

Types Of User Research

User research is a crucial part of the design process, but it can be challenging to figure out on your own. To be successful at user research, it's essential to understand the different types of user research you can conduct.


This research involves interviewing a small group of people to understand their needs, motivations, and attitudes towards a product or service.

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This research involves analyzing large amounts of data, such as surveys or usability tests, to understand users' needs, preferences, and behaviors in a more statistical and numerical way.

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Benefits of Incorporating User Research into Your Business

User research helps you gain valuable insights into the needs, wants, and behavior of your customers. By gathering this information, you can design products that are better suited to meet their needs and preferences, leading to increased user satisfaction and engagement. User research also helps you refine and improve the design of your product, ensuring that it's intuitive and easy to use. Ultimately, conducting user research can help you create a product that resonates with your users and drives business success.

Know how we do

  • Know what your clients want and need.
  • Determine what needs to be improved.
  • Adjustments can be suggested using data and observations.
  • Boost customer experience and usability.
TECHVED: Your Partner in User Research

We specialize in finding the perfect participants for your study, whether it's in-person or remote. Our services range from interviews and surveys to usability testing and mockups, and we will work with you to determine the best approach for your unique needs. Let us help you every step of the way, from project inception to completion, to ensure that your research is successful and insightful.

Clients Trust TECHVED for Outstanding User Research

We're a team of user research experts with years of experience under our belts, and our approach is tailored to fit the needs of everyone--from small businesses to large corporations.
With a deep understanding of the diverse user base out there, we've worked on projects ranging from single-page web apps to large-scale enterprise applications. Our unwavering goal is to help you better comprehend your users, enabling you to create products that truly connect with them.

  • Expertise and experience
  • Data-driven approach
  • Focus on user-centered design
  • Collaborative mindset
Importance of User Research

In today's highly competitive market, user research is essential for creating successful product designs. By gaining insight into your users' needs, preferences, and behaviors, you can develop products that truly resonate with them. User research not only enhances your product's usability and user experience but also identifies the key features that matter most to your target audience. Armed with this knowledge, you can prioritize product development efforts and increase the likelihood of creating a product that meets and exceeds users' expectations.

Why invest in user research?

  • Recognize the requirements and users' preferences
  • Lowers the expense of development
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Raises the level of competition
  • Assists in reaching decisions
  • Encourages creativity
What’s Stats Say


of users are willing to pay more to get a better user experience.


of businesses believe that their businesses have witnessed tremendous growth with detailed user research.


of UX designers believe that user research has helped them create more innovative solutions.


of companies say that they have improved their online conversion rates as a result of investing in User Experience.


higher revenue growth rate witnessed by businesses that conduct user research.

Delivering digital solutions to global brands for over a decade
Delivering digital solutions to global brands for over a decade
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Tata Capital

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Check out everything that we cover in our services:

  • User research services for deeper understanding of users
  • Identify user needs, motivation and interaction with product
  • Conduct surveys, interviews and focus group discussions
  • User testing for feedback on product functions
  • Observation process and analytics for pain points and areas of improvement
  • Use of various techniques for user-centric and engaging product improvement.

There are several factors that are to be considered essential for choosing an appropriate user research method. One of the most important factors is the project goal. A particular user research technique can be chosen based on the goal of the project. The target audience also plays a very important role in deciding the research methodology. Alongside, it is also the availability of the resources and budget that becomes a deciding factor for choosing the right user research method for a specific project.

We take pride in our service to a huge list of satisfied clients. Over the years, we have offered user research services to a large number of clients, offering them insight and valuable feedback that helps them improve their digital products. We have successfully conducted user research that would not only help the clients understand their users better, but also help the client to identify their loopholes and identify the scope of improvement.

User research plays a crucial role in creating user-centered design and improving user experience. By conducting user research, companies can gain a deep understanding of their target audience's needs, preferences, and pain points. By incorporating user feedback and ongoing user research into the product development process, companies can create products that are more intuitive, usable, and user-friendly, ultimately leading to greater user satisfaction and loyalty

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