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UX/UI Research

To support the commercial success of our clients, we provide top-notch UX designs.


UI Visual Design

We create visuals that are both aesthetically beautiful and understandable.


UX/UI Design Strategy

We employ a strategic technique and approach to create effective designs & user experiences.



To understand how the product is used, we create effective prototypes.


Creative Direction

Our creative team is always coming up with new methods and concepts.


Content Strategy

To satisfy the demands of our users and clients, we create a well-organized content strategy.


Interaction Design

We develop designs with flawless interactions for a seamless user experience.


Design Specification Documents

Design specification documents are what we create for the development teams.

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We investigate and understand wearable criteria in great detail. Based on our extensive knowledge of this platform, we create and develop distinctive current solutions to satisfy user wants and requirements.

  • Seamless Interactions
  • Increased User Engagement
Why is it important?

Extended Reality is the future we’ve all been waiting for

In the digital age, wearables have gained popularity among people of all ages. Competition for everything from smart watches to fitness tracker bands is rising. It is crucial that wearables have clever and simple designs and interactions as the market for them expands.

Why invest in Wearables?

  • Millions of individuals use it on a daily basis
  • It is the technological future
  • The rising popularity

Did you know?

1 Year

310.4M wearable devices were sold worldwide in 1 year, generating a total of $30.5BN in revenue

why-imp-img-1 industry


By 2024, smart eyewear will account for 40% of total revenue of the wearables market.

why-imp-img-2 industry


billion by 2024 is expected to be the market growth for wearables.

why-imp-img-3 industry
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UX design for wearables refers to user experience design specifically for wearable devices such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and augmented reality (AR) glasses. This type of design focuses on creating products that are comfortable, intuitive, and easy to use. UX designers consider factors such as the user's physical environment, the device form factor, and user preferences when creating an optimal experience for the user. Wearables UI design (User interface design) also plays an important role in UX design for wearables, as designers must ensure that elements such as buttons, menus, and voice commands are easy to locate and use.

  • Improved convenience: Wearable technology makes it easier for people to access information and services at any time for convenience and productivity.
  • Enhanced communication: Wearable technology can be used for communication, providing a hands-free communication tool that allows people to stay in touch..
  • Health Tracking: Wearable technology design can help track fitness progress, health statistics, and even sleep patterns.
  • Increased safety: Wearable technology can help ensure safety by providing real-time data and feedback on a person's location, speed, and other activities.
  • Improved security: Wearable technology solution can provide added security to individuals and businesses by monitoring access to information, physical locations, and potentially sensitive information.

The main challenges in wearable devices can be the physical limitations of size and weight that limit design options for device usability, the limited battery life of most devices, and the difficulty of ensuring secure and reliable data storage and transmission. Additionally, the need for improved user intuitiveness and user interfaces, data privacy and security issues, and efficient energy management and power supply are all common challenges associated with wearable devices.

Of Course , you can have a look at our success stories. Visit our website and check all our projects.

Yes, at TECHVED, we require our clients to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before taking up any project. This is to ensure that all the confidential information that is shared between TECHVED and its clients remains protected.

TECHVED is an experienced and reliable technology partner for wearable device design services. We provide high-quality and cost-effective services with creative, customized solutions for clients. We have a wide range of resources, cutting-edge tools and services, including product design & development, prototype engineering, testing, and production. We also offer Backend, Embedded, and iOS/Android app development. Additionally, we provide customer assistance and support throughout the project lifecycle. Our focus on innovation and collaboration enables us to deliver successful projects and maximize customer satisfaction.

For any queries and information on our Solution for Wearable Design, you can get in touch with us easily on [email protected]. You can also call us on +91-9967105359 or by filling out the contact us form and our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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