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Problem Statement

Customers need a more effective & digital way to know about car accessories & keep track of their car's routine maintenance, insurance, repair status & documents.


To build a single-stop solution that seamlessly integrates all aspects of the automobile from maintenance to insurance claim, documents and more.

200+ Users Served
80% App issues solved
Challenges Faced By The Leading Automobile Company

Users are unfamiliar with their vehicle & its accessories.


There was no method to know car’s current condition.


Lack of technological innovation that educate users about the car.


No quick access to insurance, RC or other car related documents.

Solutions By TECHVED
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TECHVED created a single platform that uses AR/VR technology to deliver real-time access to all car-related data.

ar Insurance
ar Locator
ar Quick Links
ar Engine
Our Redefining Impact

One stop solution to scan, track & claim all car related information

  • One single app to manage all car information.
  • Easy, intuitive & transparent interface at fingertips.
  • Quick scan that show real time car condition & accessories.
  • Documents like RC & insurance details etc. are now easy to access.
  • AR/VR technology makes it easy to learn about automotive features & details.
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review Raani Nigam
This really helped me with directions like how to use & what indicates what. This is such a great invention. Thank you guys!
review Shubham Singh
I purchased a pregnancy kit for my wife; it was a first for both of us. This greatly helped us understand every component of the kit. Now I advise and refer this to my other fellow parents to be. Amazing work guys!!
review Komal Singh
This is very easy to use. It gives you step by step instructions throughout the process. It is user-friendly & fast. Thanks!
review Shweta Masand
This made my first experience of using a pregnancy kit so smooth & easy. I had no idea how to use it and what to do but all it needed was a simple scan. All the ladies out there should definitely try this!!
review Neeraj Rajput
For men too this is a bit tricky to understand… I wasn't sure how to use the kit at first, but thanks to you guyss!! I scanned the kit and found all the steps and information very helpful. Thank you guys!!
review Anjana Kashyap
Wow! What an amazing experience. This is one of the best thing that I have ever used. Simple, Quick & Helpful!

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