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CAWS –Competitor Analysis in Web Space

We find how your site is doing against your competitors by conducting a website competitive analysis. It is basically a site usability competitor study that aims to improve the user experience of the web portal. With the help of research, we will be able to tell what you should adapt and what should be circumvented to beat the cutthroat competition. This tool examines the features and user experience design of the internet sites. The report contains recommendations based on the competitor website analysis of your web design.

How we do it?

To have an edge over the competitors, we go that extra mile to evaluate on the following criteria:

  • User experience based analysis.
  • Social media signals comparison.
  • Website features and marketing essentials.
  • SEO and Alexa ratings.

What we deliver?

  • User experience analysis report
  • Feature analysis interpretation
  • Techved Solution
  • Retrofit study

How you benefit?

  • Evaluation of your web performance in line with your competitors
  • Attempt towards bringing you ahead of your online competitors
  • Makes website easy and attractive for the users.
  • Increases conversion of your prospects into clients.

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