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Get the most immersive experience possible with Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality services to delight and boost your customers experience. TECHVED has AR/VR developers, development teams that create user friendly augmented reality applications, gamification and machine learning applications to enhance the customer's experience and other use cases.


Extending Possibilities for Diverse Industries

  • Interaction with Customers
  • Boost Customer Retention
  • Product Experience in Real-Time

Extending Possibilities for Marketing

  • Maximize Engagement
  • Maximize Retention Rate
  • Add Excitement

Extending Possibilities for Entertainment

  • Real-time Gaming Experience
  • Next-Gen Cinematic
  • More Exposure for Creators
Get Customised XR Solutions For Digital Experience

TECHVED has years of expertise in developing high-end Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) services. We are assisting companies in amplifying their product/service business model through our highly dedicated skilled team. We focus on providing end-to-end AR,VR & XR solutions that will help improve your digital assets.



We create the optimal strategy that is in sync with your company's objectives.



For the best user experience, we use UX/UI and Design-Led Engineering to create human-centric compositions.


Product Integration

We integrate the XR solution with your digital assets so that you can access it quickly.



We create the ideal AR, VR, and MR experience for your digital assets using cutting-edge spatial technology.


QA Testing

After creation, we execute thorough QA checks to assure a high-quality, error-free product.



To provide a hassle-free experience, we also assist you in managing the product after delivery.


Human-Computer Interaction

For a spectacular user experience, we use HCI to analyze and implement the ideal interaction within the digital realm.


3D Modelling & Animation

For a really immersive visual experience, we produce hyper-realistic models and animations for each element.

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Our game-changing AR, VR & MR development stack

TECHVED augmented reality and virtual reality services are tailored to your business's requirements and deliver solutions by experienced experts from our global talent network. We are a team of developers with substantial experience in creating AR, VR, and MR applications.

We have proficiency in all the necessary tools to develop an ideal product for your business.

Web XR

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Mobile XR

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Why is it important?

XR brings a new way to engage & interact with the immersive environment.

Our AR and VR services can help your company reach its goals. Our team has the experience and knowledge to create a custom solution for you, backed by the latest technology.

Here’s why AR/VR is a must:

  • Immersive experience
  • Fill gaps between imagination and reality
  • Increase engagement efficiently
  • Unforgettable user experience
  • Long term brand loyalty
  • Positive word of mouth referrals

Did you know?


Increase in brand awareness with the use of XR for customer engagement.

industry industry

$198 Bn

Growth expected in the AR, VR & MR industry by 2025.

industry industry


Users prefer brands with XR technology.

industry industry
Delivering digital solutions to global brands
for over a decade
Delivering digital solutions to global brands for over a
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we have transformed
AR/VR Solution For Leading Automobile Company

One-stop solution to scan & get all car related information instantly

Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | Mobile | Automobile
AR/VR Solution For Entertainment

Quick scan to easily understand remote features & get all details on fingertips

Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | Mobile | Entertainment
AR/VR Solution for Healthcare

Scan pregnancy test kits with AR/VR to get instant results & guidance

Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | Mobile | Healthcare
Next-Gen Banking Solution

Simply scan card & track all your banking activities instantly

Design-led Engineering | Digital Transformation | Mobile | BFSI
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Browse through the most frequent questions

It depends. If you are using Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) technologies to view 3D models or visualizations of a worksite or plant, then internet connectivity may not be necessary. However, if you are using AR or VR for remote collaboration, virtual meetings, or training scenarios, then internet connectivity will typically be required. Additionally, some worksites may require an internet connection for remote troubleshooting, software updates, and for features like streaming and downloads.

The typical timeline and budget for AR/VR development can vary greatly depending on the scope, complexity, and features of the application. Lets connect on a call so we can know your needs and you know about our AR VR services. Then we will be able to provide an accurate plan, including the duration and budget from beginning to delivery.

We have a team of experienced professionals that specialize in ARVR solutions and offer feature-rich applications for both web and mobile devices. Their expertise in creating fully embedded and immersive experiences is unparalleled, providing customers with an innovative and engaging experience. We can offer the 2 fundamental benefits to our clients:

  • Expertise: TECHVED has a team of experts that are well-versed in the technology used for AR/VR applications. This ensures that clients receive high-quality, reliable services backed by the most up-to-date knowledge.

Since 2 Decades, TECHVED has constantly emerged as the best in this digital era and transformed the Customer Experience for top brands across the globe. With 500+ Projects, 11+ Domains, 125+ Awards, and 200+ Clients. (Redirecting link for the Clientele page can be added here).

  • Quality: TECHVED is committed to providing the highest quality services to its customers. It follows a strict quality assurance system which ensures that all applications created using the company's services meet the highest standards of accuracy and functionality.

Yes, we do provide our full support after launching the service and we always make sure that our clients are satisfied from the moment the service becomes live.

TECHVED team provides a top-notch virtual reality app development services that help businesses improve their brand value as well as enhance user engagement by providing your users with the best VR experience. Our VR developers also make sure your application performance helps build a stronger customer base and reinforce the existing relationship.

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